The research of information technology
Ethics by Azhar Abd Aziz, Anitawati Mohd Lokman, Saiful Azril Ishak and Zawiyah
Mohammad Yusof entitled with The Social Aspect of Human Computer Activities: An
Investigation of Information Technology Ethics is about how we depend on the
new technologies. And a computer application retrieves information, study,
transmit, and manipulate data or information, store often in the context of a
business or other enterprise is an Information Technology. A computer ethics
are more narrowly as a category of professional ethics, and similar to medical,
legal and accounting ethics.

humans are fundamentally social creatures. For some other peoples an ordinary
day is filled with social interaction. We converse with our families and
friends. But today the people are being dependent to machine in all of their
work. Because of the widespread use of the internet, easy access downloads,
copy and paste functions made it easier to violate the ethics of computer. An
internet was discovered in early 1962 and it is a
global computer network and it is providing many variety of information and
communication, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized
communication protocols. All of the people in this world today are now using
cellphone, laptops, tablet, computers, and many other things to surf in the
internet. But many of us don’t know how to properly use of the internet and
technologies. Now a days many people are now using social media for other
purposes like posting of some offending words or commenting in a post of other
people and making them look bad, or bullying other people by the use of the

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Information technology and a whole
array of digital devices, with their astounding increases in speed, storage
space, and connectivity, make the collection, searching, analysis, storage,
access, and distribution of huge amounts of information and images much easier,
cheaper and faster than ever before. 
These are great benefits but when the information is about us, the same
capabilities threaten our privacy, according to Baase. And now by the use of
technology it is easier to create an online business to sell some furniture’s,
computers, gadgets, appliances, house and any other new technology and etc. and
other new technologies that have games, and that is connected to the internet
tends to keep users glued to the computer and sometimes even when it is school
time.  And the other things that a
gadgets are being used is to visit to chat rooms, sports, on-line gambling. And
an internet addiction tends to lead to abandonment when the user continues to
use the computer despite spending too many hours on the machine and neglecting
other priorities.  Male adolescents spend
more than four hours with computer at home. And right now the most addicting
games of all time is Dota 2, CSGO, Special Force, Mobile Legends,  Minecraft, Candy Crush and etc. and now a
days some students don’t attend their class just to play games in the computer
shop. But other people play games or use the internet just to kill some time
when they are bored.

The Facebook, twitter and Instagram are
the most popular social networking sites and apps, and now even little kids
have a Facebook account but some people post, comments in Facebook that offends
other people. Being connected with our friends at almost all the time despite
distance is simply just wonderful but we must control ourselves about our
comments or post and we must know the things that right so that we can avoid to
hurt other people by the use of the internet and social media. Despite the
internet being the base to many useful applications to users, it too has been a
boon to the pornography industry by providing fast, cheap and convenient access
to over 60,000 web sex sites. And computer games can now be played with true to
life graphics, sound animation and played in real-time with on-line
opponents.  It is easy to see how users
can easily get addicted to computer games. 
Not all games are beneficial. In addition to entertainment, the
computers and internet has also played a major role to students in universities
to cheat. Since the introduction of computer and internet, students’ dishonesty
has always been an on-going debate. Digitized material available on-line have
always tempted the students to plagiarize.

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