The media
not only informs society about existing events, but also participates in
formation of social problems. Media can make some event specific and bring it
up as an important part of public discussions. Mass media can cure society from
oblivion, telling stories about what we seek to ignore. Violence against LGBT
is one of the central themes of the human rights LGBT movement, but is often
hushed up in public debates. In some other countries, thanks to large part of
the media for drawing public attention about crimes against LGBT people,
attention was drawn not only to the public but legislators.


In our
fast-moving era of new media, any scandalous quote of a politician or showman
instantly falls into Twitter, Facebook, and from there to pages of websites and
TV screens. Words cannot only offend, but it can lead to real violence.

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According to
the organization Human Rights Watch, especially in the southern parts of the
country, charges of sodomy are often made by the police in the detention of
homosexual men. In the report 29 January 2014, Human Rights Watch reported that
homo and bisexuals are subject to extortion, threats, arbitrary detention,
beatings and sexual assault by Kyrgyz police. The day after the publication of
the report, the acting Mufti of Kyrgyzstan, Maksat Toktomushev, issued a fatwa
against homosexuality, which contained a hadith with the words: “Kill the
one who does and the one with whom they are doing!” Concerning homosexuals


The former
Minister of Justice in Kyrgyzstan, Marat Kaiypov, said that “although
religious leaders have the right to express their personal opinion, they should
take into account the impact of their words on society.” Human rights
activist Tolekan Ismailova expressed her fears that this fatwa could provoke
violence against LGBT people and called on the Kyrgyz Prosecutor General’s
Office to investigate (azattyk.org). In the end, the fatwa was removed from the
website of the Spiritual Directorate, and Toktomushev made a statement that the
text of the fatwa was not an appeal to the people to kill anyone.


The aim of
this research is to examine the representation of LGTB in Kyrgyz media. The
research will mainly address to some Russian language local newspapers and assess
the way of approach of those papers towards LGTB. This assessment will lead to
determination and analyses of those newspapers and its impacts on the society
and social behavior against LGTB. The research will be organized by using
content analysis methodology. Date will be collected from Russian language   online newspaper “kloop.kg “for the period
from January 2017- February 2018.


of study – Social relevance

According to report reviled by Human Rights First,
“Same-sex sexual activity was decriminalized in Kyrgyzstan in 1998, but the
Kyrgyz lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community experiences
routine discrimination and violence. Despite human rights guarantees enumerated
in the Kyrgyz Constitution, LGBT individuals in practice do not enjoy the same
liberties as heterosexual citizens.” (humanrightsfirst.org)

Investigating about the facts and figures in relation
to LGTB and analysis of the social collusion routs is a broad topic to study
about. However, in this research paper, researcher will try to focus on local
online newspaper  to determination and
analyses the impacts of these articles issued by publication on society and public
social behavior against LGTB. The importance and necessity of this research is
to categorize and determine the effects of media in social behavior and nevertheless,
to find answer for the research questions.





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