Sherlock Holmes is a well known today as he was in his own time. Everyone knows that’s Holmes lived at 221b backer street, that he wore a deerstalker cap, smoked a hooked pipe and carried a large magnifying glass. We see Holmes using his magnifying glass in “The Speckled Band” and we hear his occasional remarks to Dr. Watson as he struggles like us, the readers to understand Holmes’s brilliant deductions. We know Holmes has a hawk like nose because the book tells us he had “curled himself up in his chair with his tin knees drawn up to his hawk-like nose. Also in the “Red Headed League” they say he has long thin fingers.

Holmes shows a unique attitude of questioning his clients and in the “Red Headed League” we as the readers see him showing tremendous attention to detail. Holmes’s powers of observation, deduction and scientific approach to detail reflect throughout the Sherlock Holmes series. These powers are used in “The Speckled Band” when Holmes looks up details of the will to try and see if theirs a connexion between the will and the murder of Julia stoner. His close examination of the crime scene which include clues e. g. the bell pull, the ventilator and the leas which Holmes pick up on gave him the idea that there was an animal of some sort.

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We as the readers all ready know that Dr. Grimesby Roylott had exotic animals that are briefly shown in the video. In the “Red Headed League” we see homes showing close attention to Jabez Wilson in a way that his associate, friend Dr. Watson and us as the readers cannot understand. In one minuet of seeing Jabez Wilson, Holmes works out that he did manual labour by the muscle size in his right hand was bigger than the one’s in his left. Holes came to the conclusion that Jabez Wilson had been working with that hand. Sherlock Holmes is a deep thinker and has a love for music especially the violin.

He’s not always likeable and mite be considered to be cold and a loof. He’s not very sociable so he’s never married. Holmes relation with the police is considered to be on rocky grounds. Holmes relates to the police as imbeciles and thinks there useless. Holmes is a man of action as well as a thinker. When Roylott comes to see him he doesn’t he doesn’t get intimidated. He also used the cane to fight the poisonous snake off and on the hand of john clay in the cellar. He has a gun when Moriatry visits plus he has knowledge of the criminal world. Holmes main reason for working is so that he can escape boredom.

Holmes also wants to free society of his arch enemy Moriarty and his organized crime. He considers what he’s doing to be public duty and very important in his life. He has a very strong sense of morality and wants all wrong doers to be bright to justice. Holmes is not beyond taking justice into his own hands as in “The Speckled Band” when he indirectly causes Roylott’s death but it doesn’t worry him at all. Watson is a more likeable character than Holmes. He is the narrator of all three stories in first person. Watson is more like the reader than Holmes in trying to solve the crimes in that we are always one step behind Holmes.

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