On page 61 Holmes has discovered the will of the deceased wife, which shows that the two daughters were left a considerable amount of money, this was basically the there home at Stoke Moran. So this then gave Holmes a reason to visit Stoke Moran because this gave Dr Roylott a motive to kill the two sisters so he would then claim the money. On pages 62 and 63 this is where the scene is being set for the ending to the story and suspension is being created. Holmes is asking to be taken to the rooms so he can examine at once before Dr Roylott gets back.

We are then been given a description to the house which is “The building was of grey, lichen-blotched stone, with a high central portion, and two curving wings, like the claws of a crab, thrown out on each side. ” This clearly sets the mood for what is going to happen, an old run down, ruined house that hasn’t been looked after. In that short description there is a simile “the two curving wings, like the claws of a crab. ” As Holmes gets closer he notices that there is some scaffolding, in place against the end wall where Miss Stoners bedroom is.

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There seems to be no apparent reason for this and Holmes spots this straight away. Miss stoner is being put in a room next to Dr Roylott, which seems a bit suspicious. Is this part of Dr Roylotts plan? After Holmes has now examined the room he starts building up his logic and coming to a conclusion. For example he notices the bell ring that’s just been placed there. He says, “Indeed, it seemed to unnecessary to put so nice a bell-pull there. ” He then tugs it find out it’s a dummy!

He now carries on his investigation by searching Dr Roylotts chamber. He finds some evidence, which he can now use to associate with other information. He finds the safe, which could explain the metal sounds late at night and the saucer of milk could be linked to one of the animals but Holmes knows there are no cats, and maybe has the knowledge that snakes are attracted to milk. Holmes now starts to tell the plan of how to find out about the death of Miss Stoners sister.

Holmes already knows what is going to happen and has figured out a way that fits every thing together but he prefers not to tell anyone until he has clear proof of how her sister was killed. As they wait to see what is happening Holmes knows every little detail to look out for. As ever Holmes is correct and begins to reveal his clues to the mystery one by one. Holmes is concerned that he is to blame for the death of Dr Roylott, because he sent the snake back into Dr Roylott’s room and the snake turns on the first person, which unfortunately was Dr Roylott.

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