The story of Frankenstein is set in the early nineteenth century in the most popular genre of the time: Gothic Horror. Gothic horror is intended to bring fear to the reader and show the dark and often evil side of human nature. Many of the authors of Gothic Horror stories are female such as Mary Shelley the author of Frankenstein. It was not uncommon to, as Mary Shelley has done, to take new discoveries and write a story of the development of these discoveries, which turn with terrible consequences into a horror story.

The gothic nature comes from the descriptions of places or objects such as “Let the cursed and hellish monster drink deep of agony; let him feel the despair that now torments me. ” And it can often be linked to spiritual forebodings and cursing as is the case when Frankenstein calls on “spirits of the dead” and “wandering ministers of vengeance” to “aid and conduct” him in his work. These such callings would have caused a great horror to the readers as it was written at a time when it was believed that spirits, witches and magic was a reality and calling on these things was a absolute evil.

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The story is very slow to begin and you have to be patient for it to begin but when Frankenstein begins to relate his story everything picks up the pace and becomes quite fast moving as by the sixth chapter the monster has already been created and disappeared. Frankenstein had always been obsessed with science in particular natural philosophy and chemistry and was on the search for something to create and put his name in history. To adapt and further work of previous scientists seems to be his main source of information to his goal of invention.

It isn’t until he meets Professor Waldman who also had the same ideas as Frankenstein but never appeared to have further developed any of these ideas. He encourages Frankenstein to continue his studies, and so Frankenstein searches for a way to sustain life onto a corpse. To make dead tissue live. He finally after two years of research finds the answer. He is ecstatic at his discovery and all sense leaves him as he proceeds to miss vital and gradual steps and begins to assemble a human body made from corpses.

He takes body parts from other dead humans and sews them together to make an unnaturally large “human being” or at least something of a replica. He sees it as a thing of wonder and beauty as he is putting it together as all he sees is the idea that he his creating a being that does not suffer from disease or illness and that these beings could provides the basics for developing cures to diseases in their blood.

All his ideas are ruined however, as the first moment that Frankenstein sees his creation move he finally sees that it is a hideous beast, contorted and scarred and that this his creation would be hated and shunned by mankind and his name would be used as a curse for ever creating the creature, and so unable to bear the sight of his own handiwork he runs from the room disgusted with his creation not locking the door. Illness finally catches up with Frankenstein as he had neglected his body whilst his mind was bent on making the creature and he becomes bedridden for a long time.

In the meantime the monster has escaped. The monster is hated by humans and even dogs bark and growl at him as he is so ugly. He retreats to a small house in a forest where he teaches himself to speak and read and probably write too. The people who he stays with do not know he is there as he stays near their house but not in it. He does many anonymous, generous things for them thinking that it would help them bear the sight of him. This works as he enters the house when only the old, blind member of the family is home.

They have a talk and the man is the first person to treat the monster kindly. This makes the monster relax and think that maybe he could be accepted somewhere in the world, but the other members of the house have the power of sight and when they see him he is beaten out of the house. It is at this point that the monster stops wanting to love everything and wants to have revenge on Frankenstein for creating him, a hideously ugly creature, and then for abandoning him when he was created, leaving him in a world of hatred instead of love so that he was all alone.

So he sets out for revenge on Frankenstein. In this time having regained his strength Frankenstein is trying to put back tighter his life and forget about his creation when he receives a letter from his father, the contents of it making Frankenstein realize that the monster will not let him forget about his existence and will punish him for his cowardice. William, Frankenstein’s young brother had been missing for a few hours, having last been seen by his favourite play area, he had just disappeared. A search party was organized and it carried on for hours but without any luck.

Everyone was feeling very anxious and worried and so even in the dark they searched for him. William was found dead under a tree. He had been murdered by strangulation. A locket around William’s neck was thought to have been the sole purpose of the murderers attack. Immediately Frankenstein knew who the murderer was but couldn’t say who it was for fear of sounding like a madman. Instead he let a young woman who worked for them to be framed by the monster as he planted Williams’s locket in her clothes as she slept.

The girl was found guilty of murder and hanged and Frankenstein didn’t say anything as he thought everyone would say that he was making it up and had gone mad with the grief of losing his brother. So Frankenstein felt like he was being torn in two at this point as he wanted to own up to save the girl but he also knew that the monster would pay him back for it even if everyone did believe him. The monster pays Frankenstein back for creating him in the first place by destroying everyone he loves at causing him pain and agony at losing his loved ones.

Frankenstein then swears to follow him to the ends of the Earth and kill him. He follows him wherever the monster leads him but finally death beats Frankenstein and he dies of weariness. The monster then seeing that his mission is complete takes a sledge to the North Pole and sets it alight and lies down in it. The whole story is written in first person, which isn’t the most common method for books but makes a good change as it works very well and the whole story fits together perfectly. There is a lot of descriptions of places, people and objects, so it paints an even more vivid and scary atmosphere.

It makes things scary but without taking it out of proportion so it is even more realistic. The only fault it has in this day is that we now know that the story isn’t credible as being real as we have made amazing advances with electricity and it isn’t possible to animate life in the way that Frankenstein did. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.

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