The Strongest Tsunamis and why they happenedHave you ever wondered what a natural disaster is. Well here is one of the strongest. A tsunami. So this will answer all your questions.The Japanese Tsunami 2011On March 11,2011 at 2:46 pm a magnitude 9 earthquake happened. It caused a very large tsunami. That to me is very surprising because you can not predict when a tsunami is going to happen. There was about 199 billion dollars in damage.20,000 deaths. When you mix a lot of money and people gone that is not a good combination.Why do tsunamis happen?There can be tsunamis when there are earthquakes under the sea. When they happen it pulls the water back.Then a huge unstoppable wave comes. It will take out everything in its  path. To me if I heard a earthquake i’m going to the highest ground I can.How do tsunamis happen?This is kind of  the same for the why. But there can also be landslides that move the water backwards. So that all of the water falls back. Then it comes forward. So it then attacks you like an old army of british soldiers.When do tsunamis happen?When it is warm outside. You also have to be close to an ocean so those of you who are now scared to go outside in the summer and you are not near the ocean don’t worry. You all will be fine. There also like I said has to be a earthquake.The Indian tsunami,2004 It was on December,26 2004. So what surprised me was a earthquake in december. But it is just above the equator. That was another thing I forgot to mention was it has to be hot not warm. So where I live I am never going to have a tsunami. But you might.Why are tsunamis so dangerous?They are so dangerous because of their size. They’re the size of a sideways skyscraper. They are the most strong natural disasters. So they are even stronger than a tornado or a hurricane.I know what your thinking I can just swim through it. Well you can’t it will pick you up and you will drown.So if a earthquake happens and you are near a ocean I want encourage you to get to cover. Not like every time a earthquake happens there is a guaranteed tsunami but always be prepared.Thank you to these sources!http://sciencewithme.com/why-are-tsunamis-so-dangerous/https://www.britannica.com/event/Indian-Ocean-tsunami-of-2004http://sciencewithme.com/why-are-tsunamis-so-dangerous/:http://cwarn.org/tsunami/how-tsunami-occurhttp://www.cnn.com/2013/07/17/world/asia/japan-earthquake—tsunami-fast-facts/index.htmlhttps://www.livescience.com/39110-japan-2011-earthquake-tsunami-facts.html

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