movie “Office Space” demonstrates employees working environment at two
different companies. Employees or characters who played a great role in the
movie were Peter and Joanna. The movie shows different challenges both
characters encountered within their organizations. Initech and Chotchkie’s
companies both have different organization structure and management issues. The
management daily functions within both organizations were very complicated as both
companies focused on ensuring employees perform their jobs accordingly and the
organization obligation is met.  Initech
company management employed the high degree of control to ensure standard
performance and increase profit rather than job satisfaction. However, in the Chotchkie’s
company the jobs were standardized, and the employee’s behavior was guided by
rules and procedures. Therefore, through control and different rules employees
were affected both in the work place and outside of work. Throughout this paper
we focus on the idea of power as not a thing but, rather, a process that emerged
and was reproduced in an ongoing manner through the daily sense making
activities of organization members.

Initech Company was quite a functional bureaucratic. Employees were divided into
groups according to their job
specialization. In this sense, the work specialization was high. This is
evident when Peter was dealing with only TPS reports. Moreover, Peter was reporting
to seven other bosses. This shows that the chain of command was weak. Initech was
a centralized organization as a
result, the control of
activities was under a single authority. This is verified when Lumbergh
just hired two consultants to downsize the company. At this point, employees
were constructed as expendable through downsizing and cost saving.

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Lumbergh used his legitimate power in the organization to exploit
employees. He was a transactional leader to the extent that, he focused
on the profitability of the
company rather than being responsible to employee’s needs. This is shown, when
he was very attention to employees’ work to find faults and deviations and gives
punishment. Lumbergh didn’t care his employees as he allowed other bosses to make decisions such as
giving punishments to the employees. This is revealed when Peter
confused the TPS report and his boss came and rubbed it on his face while
claiming that he did it wrong several times. He used the autocratic style of management
as he just did what he wanted without taking account of the employees wishes or opinions. This style
greatly affected the organization, since employees had very high stress levels
under their job demands. Hence, employees felt the job was insecure and the
level of job satisfaction was very low. This
was revealed when it was a birthday of Lumbergh. Employees were singing to support
him to his special day, while singing their faces looked unhappy. In this
sense, unhappy construct appeared as a sense making device of shaping
organizational reality and thus shaping the actions of organization leaders.

appears to be very emotional, worried, and insecure at the commencement of the
movie. This is revealed when different bosses came into his office while
claiming about the TPS report, and the other boss made a call complaining on the
same thing. This situation upset him and disturbed his mood. However, Peter had
a belief that he was dissatisfied because
of the direct control from different bosses and he had no opportunity to air
out his opinions. Due to the stress, Peter decided to go to hypnotherapist
Dr. Swanson. Peter explained how miserable his life was and Dr. Swanson
hypnotized him, and he was relaxed.

the therapy, Peter ‘s state
changed, and he became cool, relaxed, and secured to extent that he didn’t fear
his bosses anymore. This is evident when Lumbergh made a call to Peter, for him
to come to work on weekends. As a result, Peter didn’t respond to his calls. On the next day, Peter
went to the office and violated some of the rules as he dressed contrary to the
office procedures. Peter had no fear of anything even if he
could be fired. This is evident when Peter was talking with Bob, one of the
consultant. In this conception, Peter employed a resistant self as a sense
making tool against the organizational control efforts.

After the meeting, the
consultants were overwhelmed by Peter as he spoke the real problems of the
office. Peter was claiming about the motivation, they decided to promote him, but
the promotion didn’t help anything at that time. As a result,
he knew that his friends Michael and Samir would be fired. By doing so, they planned
to steal some amount of money. In this conception, they tried to show to which
extent they are contrary to the organizational management. Moreover, Milton became
unhappy due to the bad treatment of the management. It reached a point, he
murmured that he would burn the building. This is evident when he was asked to take
out his small table and place it into the other place while Lumbergh went out
to his office with his stapler.  This situation
harassed Milton in such away that on next morning he decided to go into the Lumbergh’s
office to reclaim his stapler.

the transformation of the Initech company situation, Lumbergh should practice
the transformational leadership. This could lead into taking an account on the
employee’s opinions rather than only speaks to employees when there is a wrong
deed. In motivating employees to work harder, Lumbergh should provide authority
to employees to contribute their ideas pertaining job satisfaction. Also, he should
employ the reward power to motivate employees when they have good performance.  Moreover, Lumbergh should practice the
democratic style. This could lead to promote active participation of the group
in decision making. Also, it could be done even if the supervisor was present
or not. Also, the chain of command should be improved. This could enable Peter
to report only to one boss.

Chotchkie’s company was a very organic organization. The work specialization was
high. The manager simply controlled the everyday actions of his employees, so
the span of control was slight. The company was a centralized small business.
Unlike Initech, Chotchkie’s is a formalized organization because each employee had
to wear a minimum amount of flair. Also, employees had to maintain their
expressions of being happy and energized always around customers for
attraction. In this case, employee’s bodies were untapped resources of energy
that employers could access to create organization brand value.

the manager of Chotchkie’s was not
caring about the job satisfaction of his employees, rather he used his
coercive power to control employees in daily activities. This is evident when
Joanna had simply worn the minimum amount of flair. He just harassed her by
comparing with her coworkers.  He tried
to force Joanna to do what he wanted, this created complex communication. Also,
Stan portrayed unethical thing as he appeared playing favorites with his
employees. As a result, Joanna was disappointed with the management style.

depicted the personality traits regardless of the basic rules of wearing the
large number of flair. She viewed the pieces of flair as senseless, and she
wore only the minimum of 15 pieces of flair. She didn’t interact with different people more than being alone
because she didn’t like to express herself about the bad treatment of her boss.
 By doing so, Stan was not fascinated
with Joanna because her personal expression was contrary to the restaurants

the transformation of the performance and commitment in the Chotchkie’s
company, the manager should be responsible in recognizing employee’s abilities
and achievements. Also, he should accept what employees do individually and
provide rewards instead of making comparison among the employees. This could
create bad image on the organization culture because there would be a
competition against employees. Some recommendation on improving the situation
for Joanna, Stan should leave Joanna as she adhered according to the policy
that she wore 15 pieces of flairs. This could enable Joanna to be relaxed.
Also, Stan should help Joanna to increase her openness to experience rather
than reminding her several times about the flair. Hence, the job performance
could be improved.

Office Space was a funny movie. It depicted two job atmospheres of Peter and
Joanna with their bosses, Lamburgh and Stan. Through the abusive power of
Lamburgh and Stan in their organizations, Peter and Joanna had the belief of
being exploited. As a result, employees employed the resistant self as a sense
making tool against the organization control efforts to create the organization
reality. This is evident when Peter, Samir and
Michael decided to steal money of the company while Milton burned the
building. However, Joanna finally stood up to her boss at Chotchkie’s and quit.
In this conception, power was a construct that helped employees to make sense
of and comprehend the complexities of organizational life. Therefore, for the sustainability
growth of any organization, the management should consider employees as the
crucial resources for wealth of the organization rather than the profit. This
can be employed when the organization ensure job satisfaction to the employees,
motivation as per performance and involve employees in decision making as the
opportunity to air out their opinions.








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