The education system has been
deeply integrated into Singapore’s economic development since its independence.

The government knew that a healthy and strong education system will be the
fundamental resource to develop a productive capacity of the economy. The state
has been heavily influenced and inspired by other modernized and developed
Asian countries such as Taiwan and Hong Kong. Singapore has adopted a Western
education disciplinary in contrast to a classical religious one. The Ministry
of Education in 1979 had revised the school system into three focused levels.

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Subjects such as math, science, and English were the primary focus, whereas art
at secondary and vocational training at third. The Ministry of Education wanted
to keep up with the market liberalization for banking and telecommunication and
other emerging opportunities in the technology sector. It was therefore
important for Singapore to have an education system that provided innovative
and skillful students, whom eventually would provide future growth for the
economy (Carney, 2015) 

Singapore’s education is relatively
focused on general knowledge as multinational corporations can easily fire and
hire new employees. A survey has shown that the local companies have a low
level of importance of their human resources in comparison to multinationals
(Carney, 2015). A low level of importance in the human resources can have a
negative effect on the productivity. It will consequently be devastating to the
employees, and financially for the firm.

Despite the high performance of the
education quality. Singapore’s education system does lack some important
elements. Students tend to memorize the materials for the exam, and not fully
understand the usefulness of the material. In addition, the high expectation of
the education system does not encourage students to think individually nor
creatively. It may be a disadvantage for students in the international labor
markets, since they may lack the ability to question the status-quo.


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