The Holocaust is a horrific mark  in history where crimes were committed against Jews. No one would have been able to imagine the thousands of powerless people that were killed during Hitler’s reign. Thousands of Jews and other were sent from ghettos to concentration camps, one of the most famous being Auschwitz. The three camps in Auschwitz were variation of forms for extermination. Life in these camps were either cut short or they sucked every bit of life out of you. In addition to all this, medical experiments performed on prisoners by Joseph Mengele made life in the camps even more unbearable. Three death camps composed the structure of Auschwitz. Beginning May 1940, Auschwitz I was built. It was equipped with a gas chamber along with crematorium to start eliminating what Hitler considered as the inferior race. This was also where medical experiments were conducted by Josef Mengele. Auschwitz II, which was also called Auschwitz-Birkenau, came to be in early part 1942. The camp was designed for the sole purpose of killing. Within the camp there was four main crematoriums and also several gas chambers surrounded by electrical fencing. In October 1942, the last part of Auschwitz death camps was built. Auschwitz-Monowitz, Auschwitz III, housed prisoners assigned to work and was where they made rubber and fuel, This camp contained forty-five sub camps. On July 1944, an estimated 426,000 Jews were deported to Auschwitz, and approximately 320,000 of these people were sent to the gas chamber at Auschwitz II. Only about 110,000 prisoners were used for labor. Altogether, about 1.1million Jews were deported to Auschwitz and at least 960,000 Jews were murdered while there. In the death camps Crystalline Hydrogen Cyanide gas, and otherwise known as Zyklon B, was utilized as the major extermination method within the camps. Before Zyklon B came about, Nazis first used a form of execution called firing squad. In a firing squad a line was assembled near a pit and one by one, each prisoner was shot into the out. This form of execution proved to be time consuming, so they decided to move onto other torturous and easier methods. Crematories were the next stage, smoke hung over the camp as thick blanket and the smell of burning flesh filling the air. No matter how many more Jews were killed with this method, Hitler was not pleased. Zyklon B purpose was to kill dozens of people in a small time frame. This insecticide was used on prisoners in Auschwitz in Block 11 on September 3, 1941 for experimentation.With the success of Zyklon B, it was decided that on February 15, 1942 the SS camp authorities would kill all of those who arrived with this insecticide. The Nazis accomplished this by making it look like the Jews were going to take showers. They even had shower heads in there so no one became suspicious and would be able to revolt before entering into their doom. Once in the small confined cubicle, Zyklon B was the ultimate weapon. Confusion spreads like a virus once those kettle car door slid open. Men, women, and children were ripped apart and ordered to go to the left or right side. No one knew what was going to happen to them until it was too late. The few lucky people that survived round one of the gas chambers had an identification number tattooed on their arm. Everyone sent to the chambers were told to undress and shoved in a so called “shower,” awaiting their fate.According to the article, Testimony on the gassing of Auschwitz, it took five to seven minutes for the gas to kill each and every one of them. Once everybody had the life sucked out of them, the SS guards took their bodies out of the cells, so they could scavenge out any gold teeth and dentures the victims had. Afterwards, they were sent to crematories or large burning pits.The ones that lived were held in inhumane conditions and did back breaking labor until they died. A prisoner’s day consisted of waking up early for roll call, working, waiting in a line for food and evening roll call. During roll call you were required to stand for hours until everyone was accounted for. Groups of Jews kept rotating, replacing old and worn out laborers. A normal life expectancy was only a couple of weeks. By August 1944 there were 105,168 prisoners in Auschwitz and was killing around 6,000 people every day. The conditions of the camp were unbearable. The prisoners were barely fed, mainly bread and water, and were cramped in small sleeping arrangements. “Hundreds slept in triple-tiered rows of bunks.” In the quarters that they stayed, there were no adequate cleaning facilities or restrooms for the prisoners. They rarely were able to change clothes which meant the “clothes were always infested with lice” Those were sick went to the infirmary where also there were eventually killed in the gas chambers or a lethal injection. The Germans did not want to have anyone not capable of hard work to live.Prisoners were also harshly punished for small things such as taking food or “relieving themselves during work hours” The biggest punishment was execution. The most common punishment was to receive lashings with a whip. The Nazis slaughtered thousands of helpless Jews and other racial groups for no apparent reason. They were monsters capable of inflicting incredible pain and fear into their clueless victims. Besides being killed, these people were tortured and degraded. They made the last moments of their life complete misery. No person should have ever been treated the way the Nazis were to the Jews. Most of the killing was done at Auschwitz. There were three specific camps under Auschwitz, each designed for a major purpose. With the new finding of Zyklon B,the execution rate kept increasing. By the end of the Nazis’ reign, a total of 1.1 million Jews were held at Auschwitz and of that group 960,000 Jews were executed in inhumane ways. We cannot take back what the Nazis did to several racial groups, but we can make sure we never forget how many lives were lost and the ultimate sacrifice these people made.

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