The use of information technology (IT) is spreading in almost every field of work. There are many ways in which the use of IT benefits working industries; one of the main functions of IT is of storage and usage of data over the internet. This function is widely used in every company for the purpose of storing their data which can be used anytime they want and for sharing the data with anyone worldwide. Cloud computing is the best tool when it comes to the storage and sharing of information and data using the source of internet. Cloud computing enables a company to create a pool of data in which more data can be added, through that pool information and data are used all over across the world. Cloud computing not only helps in the storage and usage of data but it’s one of the main role is to share the data over the internet to other servers, eliminating the use of any other technology or gadgets.

Due to the widespread and usage of cloud computing services, it is Important of IT professionals to learn the basic knowledge about cloud computing, which can be done for free through courses which are mentioned below:

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This course offers programming of android mobile system for cloud services. University of Maryland-College Park and Vanderbilt University provides education about the cloud computing on android cell phones and also gives verified certificates for it, but the certificate costs $49, otherwise the education is given for free online.


IT professional can take full advantage of this course which offered at edX, teaching about the developing a mobile application which can be used in The App Store. It’s a project based course which is based on the classes taught by Frank Bentley of Yahoo labs and Ed Barrett who is a senior lecturer, both teaching at MIT. Learning this course will help your organization save loads of money to develop an application by hiring another profession, where you would be able to make it for your organization and being an important employee which they wouldn’t want to lose.

Google developer academy:

One of the main things Google is famous for its free services which are offered to everyone. It is no surprise that Google offers several free courses related to cloud computing to choose from, which you can learn using every tool and platform of Google. There is one entire course among several others, which is related to Google App engine, which involves the development of applications of android systems, using of Google wallets for selling and buying digital goods, using a subscription model to monetize digital content and some other things too.

Microsoft Azure:

Microsoft Azure for Research Training, free online course which is a blessing for academic researchers, provides access to highly scalable and flexible cloud infrastructure which is developed for the purpose of academic researches. Candidates whether they are IT professionals or scientists are required to have knowledge of coding before taking this course. This course helps a candidate to learn the pattern of clouding systems, using the pattern as a tool for research, design patterns for cloud applications and skills to develop their own applications on the platform of Microsoft Azure.

These are some of the free online courses which are accessible over the internet, through which a person can learn about the pattern and system of cloud computing, building a strong career specially in the field of Information Technology.

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