Asian Long-horned beetle has long black and white antennae and their body is from
0.02 to 0.03 meters in length. The body is polished dark and with sporadic
white. The Asian Long-horned beetle is an invasive insect that is native to
China and Korea. It killed a large number of trees. The adaptation of Asian
Long-horned beetles are areas with hardwood and hardwood forest. This species
prefers temperate zones which average around the normal temperature 10 Celsius
for 4 to 8 months.

Asian longhorn beetles aren’t picky about where they lay
their eggs, almost any deciduous tree will work. As larvae, they eat the soft sappy
bark, which makes it hard for nutrients to reach other parts of the tree. As
they grow, the larvae burrow into the middle of the tree leaving large tunnels
as they move, making the tree physically weaker. As adults, Asian longhorn
beetles emerge from the tree, breaking through the bark leaving large holes.
Many trees don’t survive once they are infested with Asian longhorn beetles.

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As larvae mature, they get inside the heartwood of the
tree and ruining the excellent of the timber, while feeding with the aid of
quantity numbers of beetle larvae can kill trees via girdling them. This bug
also impacted the human condition by using lowering treasured shade and park.
And harming or killing the trees of financial cost. It is also a problem in the native countries. To be specific, the Asian
Long-horned beetles spread through currently North American range, thousands of
trees are killed by the Asian Long-horned beetles and there also have a lot of
economic impacts.

The trees in a few infected sites is the main impacts of
Asian Long-horned beetles. These trees need evacuation, treatment to destroy all
life stages present, and substitution, at a cost of a few hundred dollars for
each infestation. The economic impact is greater than eradication and
containment costs and could causes bad impacts for export markets if these
insects enters to a forest ecosystem. This is because as producing many types
of hardwood products such as veneers the quality will be bad.

     The beetles bite
its way into hardwood trees to lay eggs. The eggs deliver hatchlings and those
hatchlings burrow profound under the bark and eat living tree tissue. This
nourishing viably removes the tree’s sustenance supply and starves it to the
point of death.

    There are no solution and methods to
practically prevent or control Asian long horned beetles. If we find the being
of Asian Long-horned Beetles, contact local forestry officials for consultation
is the only thing that we can help do.

    There is some biological control for the
beetles. To control of the beetles, insecticide imidacloprid should be used.
This is because It shows the possibility in preventing the spread of ALB. It is
expected to become efficient control tool in the elimination of this insects.
It is a systemic insecticide that when used directly into the trunk of a tree
or the soil near a tree, moves quickly upward into stems, twigs, and foliage
where the beetles would be expected to feed and lay eggs.


     The first possible solution that fight the
Asian Long-horned Beetle is to destroy the infested trees. Cutting down mature
trees is useful solution for prevent Asian Long-horned beetles to spread
although it is not very good for tree owners.

     The second solution that we can prevent the Asian Long-horned beetles to
spread is to keep the firewood. This is because if we move firewood, the Asian
Long-horned beetles and other invasive insects will be moved to other places so
it will kill more other trees.

     The third solution is keep eyes on street
trees when we walking. It is not a solution. It is the things that we can do in
our life to prevent to make the Asian Long-horned beetles to spread. If there
are some Asian Long-horned beetles on the trees, we can call to the officials
to prevent the beetles to spread.

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