The common reasons attributed to leadership failure is
leader is too over-confidence. Leader has the tendency to overestimate their
abilities. Overconfident leaders incline to disregard disagreement or conflict
opinions, even from reliable sources. This leader mostly assumed those with
differing opinions are in some way less experienced and knowledge, or less
vision and understanding, that is why leader will not bother to give attention
even though there are valid differing opinions has been presented by reliable
sources. An overconfident leader with too much self-confidence would cause themselves
to engage on uncertainty or risks which known to have the slightest of chance to
succeed, what’s more carry significant consequences for failure. They also
often assumed and believed that pass success can indicate future success,
therefore they approach next challenge with less passion and focus. As a result,
gaining success will becomes much harder. The
conviction of overconfident leader outline will be compelling to many, even
though the decision possibly flawed many will yield to because of the leader
certainty. It is hard to assure an overconfident leader of their excessively
self-confidence where they would only realize their limitations until they
failed. It is acceptable for leader to show certain level of confidence, that said
they need to be careful as not to be overly overconfidence instead they should lead
with humility, being ready to listen on other opinions, and always consider
negative indicators.

Also, leader with arrogant and poor attitude will tend
to fend off their followers. Attitude is contagious, if a leader shows
expression of bad mood or negativity then their followers will act the same
way. Leader attitude can determine the atmosphere mood. The way leader responds
to questions, suggestions, and new ideas is very critical as it will either
encourage their followers or spark off negativity thought amongst their
followers that can make the followers to question themselves what’s the point.
Leaders are supposed to be the mood setter to their followers and the
organization, also to have people follow them willingly.

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 Another cause of leadership failure is leader who
delegate responsibility to others but don’t give them the authority to carry
out the assigned duties. Efficient leaders exercise delegation, nonetheless if the
outcome of the tasks being delegated by the leaders is assume not to be their responsibility,
this may lead to consequences and failure. Good leaders know they are always
responsible regardless of how much they delegate. Being a leader, they are accountable
for every outcome. On top of that, leader is limiting themselves if they do not
delegate thereby they are unable to broaden their influence as their influence has
been limit on a person. Oftentimes, leaders that does not delegate gets
overwhelmed and in effect stops functioning. As a result, this leader will gradually
be a workaholic till they inevitable exhausted.

Beside that leader that too relying on their title to
lead also would failed in leadership. Any leader should not be overly fixated to
their title as it just like telling everyone they have nothing more to depend on.
Title is not a requirement for a genuine skilful leader to earn respect from followers. Leadership is not an actual position or title and
authority which often have been confused. Leadership is not about how much
power you hold over people, but how much influence you can create. And also,
about inspiring people to do well, to follow a leader vision and see it
through. Leader that see themselves as something better than anyone else and
abusing their power will eventually fail. Good leaders will not boast their
title and certifications instead they will show and prove their ability in
leaderships. Leadership is more about influence and relationship than it is
about control and giving orders.

Likewise, leaders are afraid of competition from
followers that may take their position, and creating leaders. This scarcity
minded thinking can cause a leader to lose sight of what is important. Leaders
that has the idea of their followers being better than they are, fear that this
follower may take their position away. On the contrary, leaders should not be
afraid of challenging their followers to be better than they are, as it may
well be a reason to push themselves to be better, to get stronger and to
motivate better followers for the organisation. Great leaders create more

When leaders lack of motivation and enthusiasm, this
can be contagious and may infect followers that fails to remain focused and
enthusiastic at the works they are doing. If leaders are impassioned at the
things they are doing, then they may expect the same from their follower. As a
result, causing leadership failure. Any leaders can give out orders and tell
their followers what to do but that does not mean the followers is on the same
page as them. Leaders with lackadaisical attitude and complacency can lead to
shape less productive followers. This is what happen in Research in Motion
(RIM), the company that made BlackBerry and lose out in the race of innovation.
They began with simple but powerful idea which allow users to push emails
through handheld devices, this was popular and well receive by many customers.
Nevertheless, things change when competitor saw the benefits of such idea and
began developing alternatives where the beginning of smartphone era. BlackBerry
devices start to lose popularity, and yet RIM did not quickly come up with more
improved and new ideas to beat rival technologies that cause them to lose their
market leader position. RIM complacency over its early success which signify
nothing impressive ever came out of the company after years in operation that
allow other competitor products to outrival them. There is notable business
such as Twitter and YouTube that has survived troubling times through
developing innovative keystone. YouTube rise to popular video streaming website
from a failing video dating site after they return to the drawing board.

An efficient leadership require the skill to be
organized and to grasp details. Leader who is steadfast ought to never be “too
busy” to do anything that requires their attention as leader. If leaders
admitting that they are “too busy” to improve their plans, or to give time to
any emergency when needed, in that case they are incompetent. Leaders will fail
when they are ineffective to master details related to their position, and also
do not give attention to details.

Exceptional leaders will do anything to make things
happen, they are willing to perform any sort of task which they would usually
ask their followers to perform when the occasion demands them to. They would
not refuse to do task which is considered out of their position or title to do.
When leaders believe they are better than other for any type of task, then they
are not a leader and vulnerable to failure. Leaders should lead by serving
humbly which sets good example to their followers.

Not being perceptive on what is happening may put
leaders at great risk of failure. Leaders should be attentive and know what is
going on, furthermore they should not make things seem better than they are, at
the same time doesn’t make it seem worse. Leaders that unwilling to recognize
nor acknowledge the current issues or problems within their leadership or
organization, instead just be satisfied with the current state tend to cease to
supervise their followers. Good leaders should keep track of what happening
around and setting expectations in order that performance is maintain.

Leaders that having unsound expectations and expecting
results from what they know; by having Bachelor’s Degree instead of what they
can make effort to do can lead to leadership failure. Leaders who does not take
time or make effort from what they do instead relying on their knowledge or
certifications may not be guarantee success. Stronger leader is someone that is
knowledgeable, and achieving results from what they do in turn makes them wise.
Just being passionate is insufficient, as what had happened to Alikolo, a
start-up founded by Danny Taniwan, an aspired tech entrepreneur that want to
follow footsteps of the success Jack Ma’s Alibaba. Despite being inexperienced
and having poor grasp of his endeavour that he was undertaking, Alikolo made
steady progress as an e-commerce website which partly because of the company
free shipping offering in luring customers. However, by the time he realized
that the strategy is not sustainable financially, it was discontinued which
took away their only competitive advantage over other competitor and cause
sales to plummet. The unsustainable strategy with huge gaps in assessing market
needs, in addition lack of knowledge on other competitors drove Alikolo to the
ground. In hindsight, Danny Taniwan admitted his mistake of not seeking help
from an experienced cofounder who may have been able to warn him on the red
flags of his strategy.

Leadership is rarely known to exist without love being
practiced or present. Usually, failed leaders have lacked love, or misguided
love. The signs of leadership strength are leader must have empathy, humility
and kindness, as leadership without love is manipulation which is a complex but
easy task that is often ignored. On the other hand, leadership through fear and
force will never last in the long run. Leader that cannot get along with
followers nor getting along with them may expect to fail.

 An organization’s success may not be measured solely
through a leader’s performance alone instead as collective of organization
performance, the employee job satisfaction and the prosperity of the
organization growth (Drucker, 2007). Consequently, an organization will be
considered to be efficient when there is balance between the interest of
internal and external stakeholders such as board of directors, employees,
customers, suppliers and communities, and the performance results of the

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