The guy is covering his ears because there are loudspeakers and honking horns and the train and the planes in the air and altogether it’s pretty much going to make him deaf. With all the sound coming together it is making noise pollution. Of course, this isn’t a real picture and there can’t be all this noise all in the same place at the same time, but one of them is enough for noise pollution. Did you know that a train horn is 140 decibels, which is more than enough to do damage to the ear. It’s scary how much noise pollution there is in the world right now, and people are careless to stop it, if everyone just does a little bit of contribution there will be immense deduction of noise pollution. It’s not moral, not ethical for people to make noise pollution, it’s just not right, also noise pollution is least prior if the government made some book listing priorities. Mridul Bhatnagar, a final year MBA (Master of Business Administration) tech student, was very disturbed with noise pollution in Mumbai, so he created a wearable device that could detect noise pollution nearby and would send an alert to the authorities whenever the noise pollution was unacceptable.

The people can keep on spending more money to try to prevent noise pollution when they could just not use those things as much, it’s not economical to keep on spending money for noise pollution. It is also bad for nature because when there is noise pollution humans get irritated and then sometimes they do things like litter which ruin the environment. Politicians are always talking about having the country clean, when they could stop noise pollution. If there is noise which is particularly loud, but you think it is ok, don’t stay there because if you stay there for a long time your ears will gain even more sound and it’s like gaining momentum, you keep getting it until it becomes stronger and stronger so then you become even stronger, your ear will get more and more damage until you will become deaf, it  Noise pollution is increasing by the moment, and people are careless to stop it, it’s just like air pollution, the more the people use it the more it is increasing, and soon it will be a global issue. Sound pollution is even more dangerous for the wildlife, there are even bigger problems, bats and dolphins rely on big frequency sonar to locate food, find their mates and uncover where they’re prey is and escape from their predator, other then that it could very easily change. If you turn off appliances at your house you will kill two birds with one stone because you will reduce the amount noise pollution in your house and you will also save the electricity. 

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