The constitution convention


On October 19 1781 the American
patriots defeated the British Army at the at the Battle of Yorktown forcing
General Cornwallis to surrender after the treaty was signed on September of
1783 the war for independence had officially ended and America was now free
from British control. However the colonist would soon realize that independence
would be difficult to keep under control and America would now have to survive
on its own as a new nation.

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The war was over and Britain could no
longer interfere in American affairs therefore many new adjustments were
brought about by America’s newfound of independence in spite of these favorable
changes it came to the attention of many Americans that a central authority was
needed to join the states together as a nation before the Declaration of
Independence was singed a Continental congress appointed committee presented a
plan of state unification on July 12 1776 this plan was called the articles of
confederation and it was finally accepted in  November of 1777 they were eventually ratified
by all thirteen states in march 1781, unfortunately it was not long before
several weaknesses were exposed in the articles after the revolutionary war the
government of the united states owed 160 million dollars the articles of
confederation did not allow the central government to tax in order to pay of
this 160 million dollars they had to go out and ask the states for some money
as the years went by the states payed less and less money and all of the sudden
the debts kept staking and staking and the U.S. Owed  people more and more money and the people that
U.S. owed money to were Europe and other countries and the primary one was France,
France wanted their money.

 Another area of conflict involved trade when
it came to any type of trade between states it was one state claim this type of
over another state and there was no organizing central agency that would that
had the power to say this is the way we should conduct commerce that was one of
the reasons that they needed help was to regulate the trade between the states
and they were it was Maryland Virginia that was instrumental in calling on George
Washington to say we needed help in regulating trade between the states we  need some organization many of the states are
doing their own thing and we need to develop a system of organization out of
this chaos and a lot of world countries were looking at states at this time of
the article and saying “who do we deal with it who do we trade with do we trade
with just one state at a time individually or do we trade with you as a county
as a whole you represent a whole we don’t really know who you are”.

What demonstrated the problem of the
articles the most were the events that led to shays rebellion a lot of men that
fought the revolutionary war were small time farmers the banks are starting to foreclose
on their farms and their taxes started getting higher and they couldn’t pay the
taxes so they felt that they were getting that the bankers were taking advantage
of them and they turned to Daniel shays who had been a captain in the
revolutionary war and Daniel shays was also one of these farmers and they got ahold
of some muskets and some weapons and started to march on the capital of Massachusetts
which was Springfield at at that point the government of Massachusetts raised a
small army and they clashed and great concern not only Massachusetts but in other
states at the time was the fact that there was no central government that they
could appeal to and why it would happen in other states all of a sudden backward
farmers got together and started to march on state government after this uprising
it became clear to the confederation congress that the articles were in desperate
need of change if America wish to avoid future disaster so the sates were asked
to send delegates to a convention which would be held in Philadelphia in May of
1787 they realized what they were talking about was going to be very important so
they posted guards at the door and they agreed not to talk about what was going
on in the hall they whole purpose of meeting in Philadelphia was to draw up how
to fix what was wrong with the articles and repair them and within the week
they began to realize that there was so much to fix or repair that they said let’s
just start a brand new government let’s pull in some of the articles of what we
did in the second continental congress but let’s put it all in and makeup a
brand new government George Washington was elected to preside over the
convention shortly after it commenced the Virginia delegates headed by Edmund Randolph
presented their plan of government a large part of it was written and created
by James Madison he was later called the father of the constitution they felt
in the Virginia plan that if we had three branches they would each have their separate
and individual responsibilities of duties but they would all be co-equal they
wanted a government where the powers would be divided in the government itself
so no one area could usurp the other parts of the government.

Instead of only having one body of
legislators they needed two what is now call the senate and the house of
representatives the problem they had was how many would get in Congress Virginia
could carry a lot more weight to have a lot more people and when Virginia said
you know for representation it should be based on a couple of things money and
population and that was easy for them to say cause they had both  William Patterson and New Jersey delegates proposed
an alternate plan their answer to the Virginia plan on representation was
totally the opposite equal distribution of votes one vote apiece at least have
every state the same amount of votes so that there would be no more than any
one state that would be in total control of this new government this went on
because of course the small states 
wanted to be equal with the large states the large states that know we’re
going to getting this isn’t right because we have more people when it seemed as
though nothing could resolve the conflict over representation the Connecticut delegation
led by Roger Sherman introduced a compromise later to be known as the great

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