He is tall, wearing a long, black travelling cloak with a hood draping over his bloody mangled face. He had the famous scar all the way down from his eye to his double chin down the right side of his face. The scar is a legend itself. Everyone who has looked at him in the evil eyes of his face has never survived. The legend has it as a god who has come from a faraway place whom travels the world looking for his next victim. Usually the victims are male but not always. He has killed a few women whom have been very successful in their lives.

He is invisible to those who are not the victims of the next kill. He is known as “The Traveller” because of the travelling cloak he wears. The cloak itself is special to those who wear it. Twenty-one year old Jonny Baxter who lives in a run down old apartment a mile away fro the university where he goes to study archaeology. Jonny’s life ambition is to become an archaeologist and discover a new species of animal. Jonny is about to graduate top of his class. *** Jonny has graduated from university and is now working independently in the Rockies in the United States of America.

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His old university professor, Professor Dunn told him about the legend of “The Traveller” and the legendary powers he has. Jonny took this as an opportunity of a lifetime. He moved to the USA to work on the legend. The Rockies are the last place the traveller killed. Jonny found this out on the internet. It also said there is a list of names on the tablet of Predenisley. The tablet is said to be located 10 metres underground in the Rocky mountains. Jonny is at the highest point of the Rockies. He is digging ferociously. He can’t wait to find the tablet.

He stops when he is nearly at the 10 metre. He climbs up the vertical jagged hole. He picks up his brushes and throws them down the hole. He then climbs down hurriedly and falls as he nearly makes it down. He brushes away the yellow dust that looked like mustard gas they used to use in the first world war. As the dust diffused out the hole Jonny sees engravements. He has found the tablet of Predenisley. He digs round it carefully not wanting to break it. It is made of a very light red rock. Jonny ties a piece of rope round one side and takes it below and out the other side.

He does the same with the other side. He throws the rope out of the hole. He climbs up the hole. As he gets to the top he starts to hoist the tablet up the hole. He loads the tablet into the back of his pick-up and drives to his apartment.  Jonny starts to study the tablet of Predenisley in his office of the basement of his apartment. He writes the inscriptions that are engraved into the tablet. The inscriptions look as if they could be ancient Greek but Jonny is very unsure what they mean. He has never studied ancient Greek anywhere in his entire life.

Nearer the bottom of the tablet there is a groove he is very familiar with. It was the scar of the traveller. He recognised it immediately. He rushed to his phone which was upstairs. As he runs up he slips on a puddle on the top stair. It was blood. He gets up immediately, runs to the phone leaving a bloody foot trail. He phones Professor Dunn to tell him to come to his house as soon as possible. It might take at least a day to get there. As Jonny waits for Professor Dunn he searches for ancient Greek translations. As soon as he clicks on the search button, a man appears on his screen.

Jonny has never seen this man before and is frightened at what he might do “You are the chosen one,” the man says in a very deep dark tone of voice. He disappears. Jonny is surprised at this and calls the Professor Dunn again. It is only an hour after the last call. His assistant answers and tells Jonny that he has just left for a meeting near the Rockies. Jonny is frightened. He tries to translate some of the inscriptions. But failed repeatedly. Then it hit him like a ton of bricks. It’s a list of victim’s names of The Traveller. He searches for ancient Greek names.

This is where he gets the first name translated into Hearoshin Galatsbrank, which is English for Debbie Evans. Jonny looks up Debbie Evans to find that there has only been one in the entire planet, past and present. He finds out that she was killed twenty-one years ago at the age of twenty-seven, and the death was unsolved and a mystery. Jonny was about to turn twenty-seven tomorrow. He got a fright when he sees the age when she was killed. How could such a very attractive young woman be murdered? What a crime. Jonny reads the inscriptions over and over again in case he missed something.

He had… the next day there was a loud sharp crack on the large front door. Jonny ran up the stairs to find Professor Dunn standing there. He comes into the apartment to find loads of weapons. “I’m going to kill the bastard! ” he says. “Kill who? ” he asks suspiciously. “Me! ” he whips off his disguise and Jonny slams a club through his skull then shoots him with his AK47. The legendary Traveller is dead! Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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