The development of anorexia is
resulted by two factors, environmental and biological. Anorexia is a psychological
eating disorder that has a possible chance of being life-threatening. It
defines by the extreme low body weight of an individual related to stature,
correlating to the term “BMI” or Body Mass Index, weight loss, the fear of
gaining weight and the unusual perception of self image and body (Jacquelyn
Ekern, 2017). These following examples of environmental factors has a
contribution of anorexia occurring in adolescents; the constant reinforcement
of ideal stereotype in media of being thin, weight loss being repetitively
promoted by professions such as ballet and modelling, traumas experienced in
family/childhood such as sexual abuse & severe trauma and the peer pressure
coming from friends, family, co-workers or anybody to being thin. The adolescent’s
environmental factor’s effects their perception of an ideal body image significantly,
not only that, these factors are also affecting them mentally into thinking
something that they are not. Such as, thinking they are overweight when
realistically they are underweight.

Anorexia are also developed
biologically, the biological factors includes; fluctuating hormonal functions, genetics
(although it is not fully certain yet) and nutritional deficiencies.  Above are the common examples of environmental
and biological factors. Individuals who’s suffering, may show a couple of signs
or symptoms. Here are a couple of signs and symptoms that they may reveal;
continuous diet in spite of being underweight, overly obsessive with calories,
fat and contents of food, irregular eating pattern such as cutting food in
small pieces, eating alone or hiding food, cooking meals for others but resist
to partake, absent menstruation, depression, constant feeling of being cold,
hair loss and isolated or withdrawn between family and friends (Jacquelyn
Ekern, 2017). It’s very important for anybody to truly understand what the disorder
is thoroughly, as a way to find out the number of treatments to consider. Anorexia
is not a simple disorder. The causes, outcomes and effects to a certain
individual is immensely complex. A parent or the individual’s relative should
be able to identify these symptoms when their children are suffering from this
disorder, so that they would receive immediate professional treatments as a way
to recover from this eating disorder.

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