The compound that  interest  me that  I would like to  talk about it is paracetamol which has  molecular formula C8H9NO2  and has  molecular weight  151.165g/ mol. The paracetamol is administrated orally. Paracetamol has solid dosage form which is tablets. Paracetamol is used   to treat disease such as fever; and reduce the pain. It is also use when we have headache, back pain and muscle aches. When people use, it is really effective in relieving the pain and you start feeling better. For example, I use to take paracetamol when I have pain in stomach and headaches and I feel good few hours after taking the medication. I choose to work with the tablet form of paracetamol because you can swallow it without any difficulty.  Also it is easy to transport anywhere you go. Also when taking paracetamol, it is required to drink enough water. According to Drugs.com, paracetamol can exist in different for forms such as liquid and well as chewable. Also there are paracetamol that exist in form of effervescent; which I believe is a nice option for people who have hard time swallowing the tablets because it makes it easier for them.

Moreover paracetamol is originally white colored, with a bitter taste. As a solution to the bitter taste, I think pharmaceutical industries should use excipients (such as sugar) to ameliorate the taste of the drug. This will encourage more people to take the drug. According to Journal of Chemical & Engineering data, paracetamol is soluble in water but at a very low percentage; whereas in solvent it is soluble at a higher percentage. 

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            The tablet form of chemical compound C8H9NO2 has active ingredients and inactive ingredients. According to the Drugs.com, the active ingredient of the tablet is paracetamol 500 mg and the inactive ingredients are Magnesium stearate, Pregelatinised maize starch and colloidal Silica. According to Drugs.com, Magnesium stearate is a safe diluent used in the making of tablet of paracetamol. It possesses lubricating properties that helps protect pharmaceutical ingredients from adhering to industrial equipment. Pregelatinised maize starch is another inactive ingredient that is used in the manufacturing of paracetamol tablet to allow its breaking up into smaller parts. That aspect of the drug plays a role in making it digestible for us. Colloidal Silica is also used by pharmaceutical industries when making of paracetamol tablet because of its properties of absorbent, disintegrant to enable the easy processing of tablets.  

The dosage form of paracetamol depends of each individual. For adults the dosage form is higher than for children dosage form which is lower. According to Drugs .com, for adult the dosage of paracetamol is in the interval of 325 to 650mg. When using the 500mg paracetamol 12 years old children and adults are advised to take two tablets every 4 to 6 hours. The dosage for 1 month old baby varies from 10 to 15mg which is every 6 to 8 hours. For 4 month old babies to 9 years old kids, the dosage form is 30mg/kg/dose 4 to 6 hours.

In conclusion, this assignment helped us have some knowledge about the roles of excipients in the manufacturing of drugs like paracetamol.

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