The fifth research is from Ali Hashemi, Fariba Mobini, and Ghiti Karimkhanlooie (2016) entitled “The Impact of Content-based Pre-reading Activities on Iranian High School EFL Learners’ Reading Comprehension”. This research was conducted by using experimental research design. This study was conducted with 125, both boys and girls. The entire number of the students participating in the study was divided into four groups, one control group and three experimental groups intended to test the impact of the three pre-reading activities, namely the KWL technique, the Brainstorming technique, and the Pre-questioning technique. The results of data analysis indicated that all the experimental groups that used the pre-reading techniques did significantly better in their comprehension than the control group which received no technique. Meanwhile, the KWL group exceeded the other two groups in their performance.From the previous study, a number of researchers claimed that Pre-reading Activity is an effective strategy to improve students’ reading comprehension. They recommended that teachers could use pre-reading activities as a useful tool to facilitate students’ for better reading. Therefore, it is important to investigate which type of Pre-reading activities that appropriate for students’ reading comprehension. In this study, the researcher will investigate two types of Pre-reading activity, namely pre-reading questioning, and vocabulary definitions. By conducting this research, the researcher wants to apply kinds of Pre-reading activities for students’ reading comprehension and to know which one of type is more effective by conducting an experimental research. The title of the research is “The Effect of Pre-Reading Activity on Reading Comprehension of SMAN 1 Gondanglegi Students”.1.1    Statement of the ProblemBased on the background of the study above, the problem of the study is:-    Is there any significant effect of Pre-reading activity on students’ reading comprehension?-    Which type of Pre-reading activity is more effective to facilitate students’ reading comprehension?1.2    Objective of the StudyBased on the statement of the problem above, this study aims to get the explanation about the effectiveness of using Pre-reading Activity on students’ reading comprehension, and the objective is to find out which type of Pre-reading activity is more effective to facilitate students’ reading comprehension.

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