The media’s impact on eating disordersSocial Media has a strong influence on a person’s relationship with food and a fear of gaining weight. Social media is the cause of eating disorders because they promote it and it causes individuals to constantly compare one another. The media impacts the way we react and interact with our world and changes the perception of our own body image. It is difficult to avoid the constant pressure surrounding this “ideal body type”, so many are affected.Social media promotes weight loss because there are many images of spindly legs and jutting ribs that emerge on various social media sites. The disturbing photos are accompanied by even more “thinspo” messages like “pretty girls don’t eat” and “skip dinner be thinner.” These types of pages allow users to post goals, pictures, and even teach others new ways to purge and binge eat. In addition, some photos link to website content that offers dieting and exercise tips.  “Just so they can fit in with all of the popular brands and not be anything over an extra small” (Brittany).The nature of social media lends itself toward comparison, as we often judge ourselves against others highlight reels of success and happiness. “Sufferers of eating disorders may also measure their own achievements against their peers” (Fanning). As a result some may feel as if they are lagging behind and not good enough. Young individuals will do anything to fit in with their favorite social media webstar. To constantly be the “skinniest one” is very tough on their mindset which leads them into developing an eating disorder.Social media posts healthy dietary recipes of foods and tips to stay in shape because they want the best for their followers. But,some individuals who are weak take it the wrong way and they take these tips and bring it to a whole new level. By intensifying there workout routine and eating less because they can’t stand seeing people who are skinnier than them which causes them to be diagnosed with an eating disorder. Although in this case the media has nothing to do with this social media cannot censor everything and people do end up finding things that should have never been looked at.Images that are portrayed on social media are altered and paints an unrealistic picture of how we should look like in our head. The media is a causal risk factor for the development of eating disorders and has a strong influence on a person’s body dissatisfaction, eating patterns, and poor self-concept. So young individuals should be confident in their own body and not let anyone tell them how they should think should look.

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