You were never the first, nor the last. ” He laughed evilly as he turned the latch of the door. One last look at Lavinia led him out of the door into the wild ravine, leaving it wide open. He was gone. Lavinia was in the same state. Groans of pain began coming out of her mouth. A swift rush of the ravine’s stench came rushing to Lavinia’s nostrils, through the wide open door. She could vaguely hear the rustling or leaves outside as winds crossed her window. She looked across the floor, on which she was on, and looked at the puddle of blood. In the midst she saw a small shining object. It had dropped from his clothing.

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Right next to her eyes, she could see letters engraved in the flat little piece of metal. She widened her eyes, trying to see what it said. She finally got a decent view and recognised the words engraved in it. “Detective Sergeant Officer Kennedy”. His badge. Lavinia looked back down to the blood she appeared to be drowning in. Her life slowly and painfully ending. Her eyes continued flickering and flickering. Eventually, they closed slowly. Silently. In the whole town of Illinois, not a sound could be heard. There she lay, Lavinia Nebbs. “The prettiest maiden lady in town. ” Lonely One perspective

There she was, Lavinia Nebbs, the prettiest maiden lady in town. Better than the rest. They were nothing compared to Lavinia. As usual, Lavinia’s undeniable beauty flourished before me. How was it that she was unmarried? Why, any one would expect her to have been whisked up the minute she was set eyes on. If only I could be that person. I stared at her through the dark kitchen, mysteriously gazing at this beautiful woman. If only I could have her, if only. Her stunning chocolate brunette hair flowed over her shoulders, so smooth. Her peach soft skin glistened in the crystalline moonlight which shone through the window.

Her long elegant green garnet dress swayed on her long slim legs. I could smell her cologne from where I was standing, in the dark where she couldn’t see me. It smelt of red roses. Just like her. I watched her as she put her bag down on the table in the dark table. So there I was, standing in this beautiful woman’s house, in the same room as her. I wanted her so bad. I just longed to feel her body. I could feel my eyes burning in heat. But I couldn’t come out. She couldn’t know that I was there. What would she say? I would only scare her away. I didn’t want that. This time, it had to be different.

I leant over so I could see her better. Just as I did, smack! I hit my elbow on what appeared to be a glass vase. It rocked quickly and just as I reached out to grab it, smash! It slipped from the tips of my fingers and shattered on Lavinia’s brown wooden floor. Oh no. Lavinia shot her head up towards my direction quick as an eye-blink. I froze, trying to keep as silent as I could. Please no, I thought. Lavinia put down what she had in her hand, and slowly walked towards my direction. “Hello? Is anyone there? ” Lavinia asked, beginning to look slightly frightened. She walked closer.

She stopped and looked around. She then turned around swiftly and went to turn the light switch on. What do I do? I thought. Oh no. Flick. Lavinia spun around and caught her eyes on me. “Oh bosh- Tom it’s you! ” Lavinia sighed in relief. “What are you doing here? How did you get in? ” she frowned in confusion. “I’m sorry Lavinia, I just saw you and, I,” I was totally lost for words. Not a single letter further could come out of my mouth right at that moment. “Well, you gave me a fright. You know old maids like me don’t take shock very well now. ” Lavinia said, looking at ease. “I’m sorry.

It’s just that-. ” I stopped. “Lavinia, you know you are the prettiest lady in the town of Illinois? ” A shy smile crept up on Lavinia’s face. “Ok Tom that’s enough. I think you’d better be going home now. ” She said trying to take away her smile. I didn’t want to go home though. I wasn’t going to let this one slip past my fingers this easy. “You are Lavinia. You know it too. You’re perfect. Your smell, your hair, you body, your eyes. ” She looked up at me and began laughing. “Ok Tom. Your mother will be worried. Go now please. ” She had no idea. There she was, laughing in my face.

She wouldn’t be laughing if she knew that it was me who killed her precious Eliza. I didn’t move. She wanted me to go, but guess what? I didn’t. I just stood in front of Lavinia, not moving a single inch. Lavinia’s calm and casual expression changed. “Tom! I’m being serious now. It’s bad enough that you frightened me and my other friends the other night pretending to be the Lonely One. Now you spring up inside my house! ” she looked angry. “Lavinia I look at you everyday and wish you were mine. I want you. I always have. I want you more than I ever wanted the other ones. Now I have the chance, you’re not going to stop me. ”

Lavinia’s eyes filled with dread. “What do you mean the ‘other ones’? What are you talking about Tom Dillon? ” the look on Lavinia’s face was priceless. “Eliza. That young girl- daughter of Sam Wallace. You name them Lavinia. ” Her whole face filled up in panic. Immediately, without a word, she rushed to the kitchen work top, and grabbed an 8 inch knife. I stood where I was. She couldn’t do anything to me. “Get out now Dillon! I mean it. Don’t think I won’t do it. I mean it. ” She yelled as she walked towards me at a snail’s pace pointing the knife towards me. She got closer to me. By this point, I began to feel quite anxious.

Lavinia’s face was manifest with anger and fear at the same time. She shook like a leaf in autumn. What do I do? I thought. I rapidly leapt towards Lavinia and snatched the knife out of her hand and in an instant of impulsiveness; I turned it around and went right through Lavinia’s chest. Instantly, she put her hands on her chest holding onto the wound, as she fell to the ground with a great groan of pain. Blood poured out of her like a tap. She body began shaking on the ice-cold tiles of the floor. Her hands were clutched across her chest with blood dripping from her finger tips and knuckles.

Her mouth was wide open as she was choking, trying to speak. The smell of soup in the kitchen made me feel sick. Everything around me was silent. It was as if the whole world had frozen. And all I could hear was Lavinia trying to choke her words out. Her blood began pouring everywhere, onto her green satin dress and brown tiled floor. . She looked at me with her eyes as big as the Red Sea, hopelessly, and lying in a puddle of death. I didn’t care though. She was just another one from my list. Police report Illinois Incident – Reading Police and ambulance were called to a scene after reports that a male had been stabbed to death.

At approximately 10:25pm, on 25th June, a neighbour was reported to have found Tom Dillon lying in a pool of blood in the home of unidentified persons, following an immediate call to 999. Police and paramedics attended the scene, and reported several stab wounds to the victim’s abdomen. The young man was white, 20 years of age, 5ft 9ins with short to mid-length brown hair. He was wearing casual jeans and a dark red t-shirt, when officers saw him. Police officers have treated this case as murder, and are currently carrying reports into Tom Dillon’s death.

Dillon’s murderer is believed to be a female, ranging in her thirties, likely to be the owner of the house Tom Dillon was found in. Police urge witnesses to come forward and make a statement about anything they may have seen on the night in question. Anyone who wishes to come forward is advised to call the 999 emergency service line. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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