The study is important in order to improve the ventilation of the rooms of Manila Science High School Bordner Bldg. Ventilation plays an important role in maintaining a great ambiance fit for Manila Science High School’s students. An efficiently made and effective ventilation will let people feel comfortable while studying thus motivate the students to focus in class.


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This does not mean that plastic should be used for all the ventilation materials. According to Barry Stone (2013), using plastic for the exhaust ducts is dangerous. Using plastic ducts has a big problem as first of all, long usage of plastic ducts will result in overheating, raising the chances of a sudden fire. Secondly is that, due to the constant change of temperature, the plastic may become brittle, entering the exhaust duct an accumulating as lint, blocking the ventilation and increasing chances of overheating and starting a fire. It may also just let condensation in, moisturizing the wooden floorings and damaging it.  


            According to the product design of the Fran blade of UKESSAYS (2015). Fans with a blade made of wood, plastic and aluminum all have their pros and cons. Wooden-bladed fans are the most expensive and dangerous as it requires carving and it also has possibilities of its blade being chipped sending projectiles that are dangerous all over the place. It is also easily cracked when it falls so the durability is not that good, and it also rots over time, unlike plastic and aluminum. The provided ventilation of this fan is only so-so as wood is somewhat heavy so the rotation of the fan is slower. Its pro is that it is eco-friendly and doesn’t produce much noise. The plastic-bladed fan is the cheapest compared to the wooden and metal-bladed ones. It is because it is easy to be shaped and has lots of raw material. Plastic is also durable so the expected life expectancy of it is long. As plastic is light, the rotation of the blade is fast so the ventilation provided is somewhat good. The problem with this type of fan is that it is not eco-friendly considering the trend about environmental protection these days, and also that it is easy to deform, losing the effectiveness of its ventilation. Aluminum-bladed fans are somewhat in-between the plastic and wooden-bladed fans. Its cost is higher than plastic as its production cost is high but still less than the wooden ones. It also has a long life expectancy as it is made from aluminum and doesn’t easily rot. The blades are also thin which makes it lighter but also more dangerous compared to the wooden and plastic ones. It is also noisy when it rotates.


Mechanical ventilation use fans in order to extract fresh and deliver it inside a space, sometimes intentionally changing the temperature. In maintaining a mechanical ventilation system, there is a lot to be considered. For example, a fan cannot pressure washed if it is not water and dirt proof. Motors must always be cleaned because dirt build up can cause the motor to operate at higher temperature levels. Also, poor electrical wire conditions could also lead to an increased motor operating temperature levels. In adjusting the settings of the mechanical ventilation, the electrical power supply must be cut off first. 

Local Exhaust Ventilation removes odor and pollutants and must be placed close to the source of pollution if possible so that it will make sure that the air will exit the building and may not be able to enter the building anymore. But still, most importantly, all broken parts of the buildings that may affect the ventilation must be fixed and there should be enough attention for the maintenance of ventilation systems. This does not mean that each of the buildings or rooms of the school will be the same since it depends in some factors and the type of ventilation that will be used may not be the best for that specific part of the school.

In the situation of Manila Science High School’s weather, it is advised to use mechanical ventilation. Mechanical exhaust fan could be of use for controlling the flow of outdoor air in hallways. There are two known mechanical ventilation used in schools; the Unit Ventilators and the Central Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. These two both have the same functions and their only difference is that Unit Ventilators operate only in a single room while HVAC systems operate in multiple rooms.

The types of ventilation commonly used for schools can be classified as natural, mechanical and the combination of these two. The best type of ventilation will still depend on the age of the building and whether there are changes made. Natural ventilation works naturally wherein the flow comes through windows, gaps and other openings in the room. A natural ventilation is one of the most inexpensive type of ventilation. Unlike mechanical ventilation, natural ventilation work without the uses of fans and electricity. Effective natural ventilation is capable of sustaining a good amount of fresh air inside a room or building. But natural ventilation is not advised to be used in places where high amounts of polluted air and noise pollution can be found such as near the highways.

Types of Ventilation

According to the New Jersey Work Environment Council (2014), ventilations for schools must maintain the cleanliness of indoor and outdoor air and distribute the mixed air throughout the room. Schools must also have special exhaust ventilation in areas that produce large amount and different kinds of odor like in laboratories and kitchens. Otherwise, rooms will be smelly and there is a great chance that the students and other staffs in schools may not work well for the air that they breathe is unhealthy and polluted.


According to ENERDYNE ENGINEERING (2005), there are three basic physic principles involved when considering ventilation. The first of these is Thermodynamics. It is how heat is transferred by any physical process and how the first and second law depicts that heat (energy) will always be lost, the third states that a state of equilibrium, meaning that there will be no more transfer of heat is impossible. There is also the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics that states “…if two separated systems are in thermal contact with a third, then at equilibrium they all have the same temperature.”(Sanctuary 2011) Another principle is Fluid Mechanics.  Which is the study of molecules (liquids and gases) and how they interact and move with one another.

Physics Concepts under Ventilation



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