There are
many areas around the world that lack water. One would often see dry lands and
very little crops, if any. Water is an essential part of our everyday life and
it is crucial for survival. Crops are also necessary for survival. If you take
a look at the food pyramid, you can see that every single food group ties in
with crops. We frequently eat meat, but did you ever consider how we increase our
meat supply? These animals that we feast on eat crops. If you can’t feed these
animals, they’ll die and you won’t be able to produce more of these species. Earth’s
problem isn’t that water is vanishing. Water is available. The issue at hand is
that particular areas around the world lack water due to disintegrating
infrastructures. How can one solve such a major problem? Israel was about to do
the job, thanks to drip irrigation. Drip irrigation allowed farmers to grow
forty percent more crops (Covensky, 2017) One question that may linger amongst
many people’s minds is: Why would one want to use a drip system? Well, one of
the biggest reasons is that when you water your crops, you want to target just
the plants. There’s no need to be wasteful with the very water that you have.

You want to be efficient. The second major reason is that you don’t want to
also water the weeds. If you saturated the whole field with water, you’ll be
helping the weeds grow as well. No one wants weeds!

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