is an increasing belief that cash transfer programs are one of the most
effective way of reducing poverty and increasing the standard of living. Social
safety nets such as cash transfers are spreading over the world on the purpose
of protect indigent household against poverty.
  Although Cameroon is categorized as a developing
country and its recent progress of growing over the last few years, Cameroon is
also struggling with income inequalities among its regions. According to World
Bank, the poorest 20% of the population have just 4.5% of total GDP which causes
46.5 GINI index of the country. Additionally, this inequality at regional level
has also negative impact on health and education in Cameroon (Deaton, 1999). The
socio-economic indicators of country reveal serious problems that the country
is facing during his progress of developing. Despite the existence of natural
resources such as oil, natural gas, mineral and agricultural products, the country
is still called poor with its 32% stunting rate of children under the age of
five which means 1 of every 8 children dies before the age of five, 67%
literacy rate and 56.2% child labor in the country. According to UNICEF, the
government budget allocated to child education is just 15% of GDP and 20% of
children attend school in rural areas while the rate is 55% in urban areas.

  The main aim of this paper is to analyze the
impact of positive income shocks like unconditional  cash transfer on children living in those
household who get monetary assistance within the context of Pilot Social Safety
Nets implemented in Cameroon. Since there is an increasing popularity of cash
transfer programs in Sub-Saharan Africa after the programs firstly started to be
implemented in Latin America, there is an observable effects of them on variety
of socio-economic areas. The motivation force behind this study is importance
of children in poor countries because of their crucial role in development of a
country. The well-being of children will shape the long-term development of the
country because of its structural economic problems which make the project
region poorest part of the world. Due to the fact that the project is a pilot
project in Cameroon, its analysis and impact evaluation will be directive to
upcoming social safety nets in the country. 

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