They were seen as inferior. they were meant to work in the house. Women couldn’t vote, fight for the army, or serve on juries and congress but due to their heavy involvement in the abolition movement, women began to seek their own equal rights as well. In 1870 women we given the right to hold a job, custody of children in a divorce, and so on. In the 1890’s women clothing changed too became shorter from around the house. Things were looking up, but the cult of domesticity was still expected to be upheld. Both women work hard and go through a lot, both talk about the dependence of women on men I said they both compare the husband wife relationship to slave and masterCult of domesticity is against the goals and the abolitionist movement was for the goal2Henry george wrote progress and poverty which basically said that land ownership was the main cause of poverty, while Carnegie believed it was the unnecessary spending of capital and not so much land ownership, as well as people’s laziness. So I don’t believe that Henry George would agree with Carnegie’s views.Sumner he was a social darwinist and thought that helping people dragged other people down, but yeah I’d say he agreed with Carnegie in the idea that government should stay out of trying to help the poor. Since social Darwinism says that nature will take care of the weak, or in this case the poor, and Carnegie says that you should only help those who are trying to help themselvesJacob Riis wrote how the other half lives which was all like look at how much it sucks to be a poor person they live in these awful houses so i said he would disagrees with Carnegie as well.Unions formed because they wanted better working conditions and also to protect their jobs from incoming immigrants who would do the work for less.The Knights of Labor was made to stop the unfair firing of workers. Uriah Stephens formed the Knights of Labor in 1869, but the union lifted off when Terence Powderly got leadership.American Federation of Labor was founded in Columbus, Ohio by a bunch of craft unions separated from the Knights of Labor, a national labor association.Industrial Workers of the World organize all workers making the same goods or providing the same services in one union, and don’t divide workers by skill or trade. The interstate commerce act was the first government regulation of business, but what deviation from previous American views towards business, it’s just a law created so that railroad company won’t charge the farmers excessively with rates The Sherman Antitrust Act  is more about the anti monopoly movement

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