research project reviews the effect of student’s suffering from stress at school.
The purpose of this study is knowing how students holds on to current happening
of their academic anxiety among the students, to resolve stress among the
students and to understand the coping strategies done by the students. Gathering
information from respondents on personal data, coping strategies, stress and
academic anxiety, the stress and coping strategy which was consists of a series
of questions about stress.



Stress is
the non-specific response of the body to the demands of life. You may say it is
nervous tension, but no. It is the wear and tear of life. It describes the
effects of the body’s reaction to pressure. This study will show the reader
about the stressor of one’s life especially among students of this fast
changing technology. It may be pleasant or unpleasant. Whatever stress gives us
it sends us signal in two ways. One is from our subconscious mind which is
responsible for the physical and emotional reflexes of our body. The other one
is for voluntary reactions which is used for perception, evaluation, and
decision making. In the other way, the student is made aware of the
environmental demands. He may perceives his situation and interprets it
according to his past experiences. Emotions is also included here which gives
color to the student’s understanding about stress. In whatever ways the nervous
system is involved. The center of the brain called hypothalamus sends signals
through the nerves to the various endocrine glands and internal organs of the
body. Whatever stress may bring, it is important to know how to face and handle
it to be able to face the realities of life which may bring us to a happy and
contented life. Knowing God alone can solve every problem and nothing can
defeat us as long as we continue to believe that nothing is impossible with

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The word
stress itself is also expressed on its own and with it has a lot that is
attached to it such as depression, anxiety, cardiovascular disease, and other
potentially life-threatening issues to one’s mind.  Usually student of today is in pressures of
getting top grades, balancing extracurricular activities with studying, and
spending time with family all laid up.  Usually, classes have more than 10 or less
subjects, there will be a time that day by day every subject gives an important
task that is needed to be done in time. Students can do nothing about deadlines
even if it is short or long period of time. Normally that is just how studying goes.
Turns out one thing on another finished studies on a rushed research
presentation. But unfortunately there will still be a four more homework that
is expected the next day. So it will have a result of not getting the right
amount of sleep. In addition, students manage another identity in the digital
world. Social media platforms are one more thing to keep up with and are often
with stress-inducing comparisons, gossips and bullying.


The case is
unquestionable that, having the preparatory passage in a reality of the schedule.
That will absolutely make a student run out of steam. Those who have a tight
schedules on them are the real struggle on a student. Making a student feel
lost, overloaded and surrounded with too much of something, unable to handle when
stood up with so many tasks. Having much as expected schedules together with reviewing,
writing, researching and other doings cannot do any good to a student’s mental,
physical, emotional, that can destroy a person especially if one is not sleeping
or eating properly at the right time. If this problem can’t be solved the
stress will lead into a much harder to level of stress. It is worth knowing that
stress is an unavoidable part of living as a student as it takes much block of
the academic performances. The growth of this broad in students has factors
such as change in behavior, study weight, new obligation to others. Associated press and MTVu (Berry, Cook, and Hill
& Stevens 2011) handled research to found the effects of stress on the performance of
college students. They surveyed 2,240 students from 40 random colleges. Six in
every ten students reported being so stressed that they couldn’t complete their
homework in any particular reasons.  It goes on with the such stressful life does
much more in what is said that lowers the health issues and lessen the true
nature of life.

Even if we dig dip into
the bottom of what must be known, much wider thought of the mind, recommending
a helpful survival actions may guide students to escape the catastrophic weight
of more stress that can come their way to face it.


Stress is any
situation that recalls negative thoughts and feelings in a person. (Whitman,
1985)The same situation is not reminiscent or stressful for all people, and all
people do not experience the same negative thoughts and feelings when stressed.
A critical issue concerning stress among students is has a effect on learning.

A little amount of
its own doze of stress is not stressful as much expected it to be but if it
comes time to time, having a back to back study, even about thinking it on a
brain it makes a person confused. First of all a student thinking about tons of
worksheets, lots of books to read for research papers and everything and telling
to self that I will get all of the work done but when the next day comes there
will be another every day of the week . This problems shows almost in all
schools as it is said.  

Based on the
research conducted in a local public university in Malaysia, the adjustment
difficulties faced by first year students were found to be academic problems,
health problems, financial crisis as well as social and personal problems.
(Kolko, 1980). And also in  New York University
book continues to tell the true statement that, 55% of students claimed their biggest upsetting
thing to be related to school and learning. It shows that 6 of 10 students are
feeling the urge of being stressed out that in comes to the point of couldn’t
get their studies done on one or more occasions.  (back on 11 Apr 2016). Also, many of the
emotional and physical signs of sickness that happen commonly in the student
population, such as headaches, tiredness, depression, fear and stress, and the
inability to cope, can be attributed to or worsened by stress. (Dusselier et al
2005, 15-24 ).

Surveys managed done
by Kansas State University show/tell about a 58% increase in stress related mental
health issues reported to campus counsellors between 1988 and 2001 (Hoover
2003). These increased stress loads come with some terrible and serious
results. Suicide rates gotten much older over the years of students are three
times higher than they were in 1950, as described by American College Health
Association statistics published in the study of thinking and behavior Today (recoverdon
March 10, 2016).

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