experiment is carried out to observe the development of quail embryos within
several days. The quail embryo usually develops and hatches in 20 to 21 days.
We have conducted the experiment up until day 15, which it is consist of 16
eggs in total. During the experiment, all of the quail embryos have been
incubated. The reason for incubating the embryos is fertilized eggs can be
easily maintained in humidified incubators and during the early stages of
the embryos float onto the egg yolk that it is using for nutrition. As the
embryo grows it sinks into or below the yolk. The regular appearance of somites
allowed to observe accurately stages of embryo.


number of quail embryos up until day 9 is remain 16 eggs, this is because
the condition of the embryo suit them to develop well within these days. The
development of the amniotic cavity, which will surround the embryo occur. This
protect the embryo and allows it to move. The appearance of the allantoic
vesicle happened which plays a major role in calcium reabsorption, respiration
and waste storage. Although all of the embryo are being incubated in the same
incubator, there are still some differences between them such as some of them
might be contaminated before they were keeping in the incubator. Contamination
can occur in many ways such as the embryo have been exposed to the bacteria and
fungi surround and a piece of egg shell cracked contain in the embryo prevent
them to develop well. From this reason, the number of quail embryo have been
decreased day by day.

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the day 10, the number of quail embryo decreased to 8 in total. Half of them
were dead. The embryo produce unpleasant smell and have to throw them away. For
the embryo that still survive, the vitelline membrane covered almost the whole yolk.
Eye pigmentation is readily visible. The beak’s upper and lower parts are
differentiated, as well as wings and legs. The neck stretches and the brain is
completely settled in its cavity of the external auditory canal.

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