chapter presents the review of related literature of the business.

Fish balls are a popular street food in the Philippines, and considered
a cultural delicacy. The most common type of Filipino fish balls are known
as bola-bola (literally, “ball-ball”). They are
somewhat flat in shape, most often made from cuttlefish or pollock,
and served with a sweet and spicy sauce or with a thick, black, sweet and sour
sauce. (Wikipedia) Filipinos are food lovers especially the street foods, it
will become their snacks and sometimes it will serve as viand.

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Fish balls are a popular street food in the Philippines and are often
sold by street vendors in mobile wooden carts at almost every street corner.
The balls, primarily made from fish meat ground to a paste, are deep-fried
until golden and then skewered in wooden sticks and dipped in a variety of
sauces ranging from spicy, sweet to



sweet and sour.(kawalingpinoy.com) This will be serve as a small
business of the street vendors.

     Surimi is the Japanese words
for minced fish. It is an intermediate product made from minced fish meat that
has been washed, refined and mixed with cryo-protectants (Pangsorn, Laong-manee
and Siriraksophon, 2007). Surimi can be made from different species of fishes,
most commonly sea fishes, depending on the geographical locations.

     Fish ball is popular in Southeast Asia but
the quality characteristics are varied among countries. For example, fish balls
found in Singapore and Malaysia are typically whiter in color and more elastic,
while those sold in Philippines and Hong Kong have a firmer texture but darker
color and stronger fishy note (Park, 2005).

put, the common fish
ball in the
Philippines, which can also be spelled fishball, is an edible, ball-shaped patty made of
pulverized fish. It is somewhat flat in shape and most often made from the
meat of cuttlefish or pollock and served with a sweet and spicy sauce or with a
thick black sweet and sour sauce. These fish meatballs are



white or yellow in color, and measure about an inch to two inches in diameter. (junecanty68.wordpress.com)

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