This is the evidence of
rulings from a hadith of Imam Muslim wherin Abu sa’eed al-Khudri.

The meaning of this verse
is where the man and the woman cannot show each others body or to same sex
genders. Here are two parts about the difference of awrah in men and women and
in (fig 2) shows the illustration of the awrah of man and woman.

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As for Muslim men they have to cover everything between the
navel, thighs and the knees which is awrah for them. They cannot show off any
of their body parts in public as it will make the women attracted to his body
which is not allowed but they can only show to their wife. They can wear half t
shirts as it is not part of the navel area. Same goes for the thighs and knees,
Muslim men cannot not wear shorts which are above their knees as it is
forbidden for them to show off their muscles or skin too much. So they must
guard their modesty to cover their body even when for prayer time.


Women are more complicated than men there are some situations for women
as they cannot not be revealed in front of unrelated men whether he is Muslim
or non Muslim so they must be covered from everywhere except the hands and face
but they can show it to their husband. Awrah in front of close male relatives
the women must be covered from navel to the knee and stomach and back well more
likely to the ankle when praying. So the women cannot show their flesh skin in
public as it becomes attracted to other men. There are some women who does not
cover themselves but calls them a Muslim is not a Muslim because she has no
shame to cover herself up in public to guard her modesty but there are people
judge about that 

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