Those who create work, art and projects may come
across other’s stealing their work and using their copy to make profit for
themselves without asking for that persons approval. The Australian Copyright
Act 2006 has added and changed the legislation, covering technological advances
to stop those who copy by penalising those infringements committed by their
severity. The new policies now however have to be implemented and distributed
across shareholders in business’ to ensure compliance and prevent committing


The Australian Copyright Act 2006
protects another work, art and project from another person copying their work,
art or project for commercial use of their own, making full profit. The
Copyright Act attempts to stop copyright infringements by enforcing penalties
for those who make a copy of their own of another’s work for the intent of
selling, hiring or making profit, the act of selling their own copy, importing
it from another country and/or performing a piece of art such as literature, music
and images. Due to the technological advances the Act had to be changed to
cover new infringements involving new technology. In 2006 there were some
additions and changes with the enforcement of the severity of the crime,
technological measures, fair dealing with parody and satire and the
jurisdiction of the copyright tribunal. The Copyright Act 2006 allows for
covering new advances and penalise those who copy with intent of infringements.

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In a business especially those in
the entertainment industry, must ensure compliance with the new 2006 Copyright
Act by implementing and distributing across shareholders. To ensure compliance
with new policies the employers now need to inform the shareholders the new
changes that they need to adhere by, this new information might also need the
shareholders such as employees to be trained to deal with events dealing with
these new policies. Too implement the policy the employer must train or educate
his or her employees to execute his plans into effect and also share the new
policies across all shareholders to distribute the knowledge of the new
policies and infringements and penalties.


Copyright is an illegal act and
with the Copyright Act 2006 additions, other’s work, art or project is now
protected under the legislation even with technology advances, as it penalises those
who make copies, sells the copies, have possession of a copy and the
importation of the made copy for making profits for themselves without consent
from the current owner. It’s all well for these to protect owners, but now
business’ have to be careful in creating their own work and not create
infringements by sharing the new policies with shareholders and train or
educate employees.




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