Through her conventions and speeches, Sojourner Truth has impacted women’s rights and the abolishment of slavery.  Throughout her life she gave multiple speeches.  Sojourner stood up for the rights of women, the injustice of slavery, and race issues.  She held many strong opinions and she was not afraid to share them with others.  She attended events and gave speeches where she was able to share her opinions with others.In New York, Sojourner Truth was born.  She was born with the name of Isabella Baumfree.  Her date of birth was not recorded, this was nothing new for children that were born into slavery.  The whole Baumfree family was owned by a man that went by the name of, Colonel Hardenbergh.  After Colonel Hardenbergh died the Baumfree family was then owned by his son, Charles.  Charles separated the Baumfree family, he sold Sojourner to a man along with some sheep.  Charles sold Sojourner for only one hundred dollars to a man named John Neely.  Sojourner remembered John as harsh and violent, she wanted to get away from him.  Years later, she had a daughter, named Diana, with a slave from a nearby farm, his name was Robert.  Robert’s owner forbade the relationship, leaving Sojourner to raise their daughter alone.  They never saw each other again, which was very hard on her.  Later on in life Sojourner was forced into marrying a man much older than her, his name was Thomas.  She had a son and two daughters with him.  In total she had four children, Diana, Sophia, Peter, and Elizabeth.An outstanding reason for Sojourner’s fight to end slavery was because she wanted better for her children.  She did not want them to grow up having to do what others told them to do.  She wanted to keep their family united and not split up, unfortunately, like her family was as a child.  Sadly, her dreams did not come true, she had three of her four children sold from her.  Sojourner once said, “I have borne five children, and seen most all sold off to slavery, and when I cried out with my mother’s grief, none but Jesus heard me!”  When she lost some of her children due to slavery she felt as though no one was there for her and that she needed to do something about getting slavery to come to an end.In June of 1843 she officially becomes Sojourner Truth.  She changed her name from Isabella Baumfree to Sojourner Truth.  She was a deeply religious woman who believed that she was on a holy mission against slavery.  She chose the name Sojourner Truth which means “traveler.”  When Isabella became Sojourner Truth, she began traveling along the east coast in hopes of change for all people who were treated unjustly.  She preached in the streets about rights for women and for african americans.  She often told people: “The Spirit calls me, and I must go” and left to begin traveling to preach about the abolition of slavery and for the rights for all women, not matter what race they were.

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