the extent of this paper I will clearly and concisely identify two different
monitoring tools that manage the network for all of the 3 different locations
within the network. I will also describe two metrics and thresholds that will
be reported on. I will also show you an example from the practice labs and how
configuration and device monitoring will be done.

            Key data is
constantly passing through this network such as marketing strategies, client
points of interest etc. There must be a specialist that provides safety efforts
to this key data as it is important information and is necessary for a
hierarchical advantage. Which is why a system observing framework must be put
into place so this information does not fall into the wrong hands, such as by a
rival company or competitor.

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            I would
first and foremost recommend that a network sniffer be implemented within this
specific network topology. The reason for this recommendation is that a network
sniffer allows engineers to try different security issues for planning and
training purposes which would help in the event of network disruption. This
also helps designers use this tool to investigate convention usage as well as allowing
general employees to know how system convention internals work. The sniffer
works because of framework associated with the Local Area Network and this has
two different personalities. The first one being (MAC) media access control
that distinguishes a single hub within a system which in turn eases unnecessary
stress on the system card. 

            The second
tool I would want to utilize is security management for systems because of its
wide variety of uses regardless of network size or topology. This type of
network however requires high levels of support to curb the possibility of
hackers or other nefarious people to keep them out of the network and the key
data within the network is protected. An easy way to monitor these systems can
be as simple as a firewall as well as a unified threat management system. High
level antivirus would need to be installed within the network and I would
recommend constant password changes on a week to week basis or at least on a
bi-weekly schedule. Remote association users must use strong secret words when
utilizing network features and any user needs to be vigilant and bring to light
anything suspicious within the network or something that can be approved upon
within the network. Physical servers and other network equipment must be in
sealed off designated areas and should not be able to allow anyone around this
equipment unless they are designated as needing to tend to these machines for
his or her specific job. With the right combination of antivirus programs as
well as personal accountability for every employee involved it is my thought
and feeling that our network will be as secure as we can possibly make it,
although no network is fully secure I feel with these security measurements I
feel our network will be protected from most outside threats.

this paper I have given my specific thoughts and opinions on tools that will
need to be implemented to monitor the network and provide security to protect
all of the sensitive data that will pass through this network on a daily basis.
These implementations will take time and effort and will need to be upgraded
and changed periodically. Network security is important and network monitoring
is just as important so we can better manage all aspects of the network and
keep it running efficiently as well as having it protected to the best of our

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