Title: Shading Effect on Solar Cell EfficiencyAuthor: Dr: Abdelnabi Ali AlameanJanuary 2017Abstract: This paper fully focuses on shading effect induced in solar panels to reduce power losses. The effect of power losses can be identified with the help of comparison between two conditions as with shading and without shading. Shading effect will be reduced power losses due to neighbor structure, trees, building blocks etc. while reducing shading effect, the maximum power will be increased and to reduce power losses, change the array connection from series and parallel array connection.Introduction:Solar energy is the renewable energy which comes from the sun as radiation of heat. It is considered a green technology because it does not emit greenhouse gases. The arrangement of a photovoltaic cell is used to capture the sunlight. A solar cell utilizes the concept of a p-n junction in capturing the solar energy and solar cell consist of two semiconductor materials like the positive and negative semiconductor. As photons are absorbed in the cell, their energy causes electrons to become free, the electrons move toward the bottom of the cell and exit through the connecting wire. The flow of photons is called electricity. Actually, this paper compares with shading effect and without shading effect on the solar panel to identify the power losses. Also, change the connection between solar arrays from series, parallel connection to increase power output while shading effect on solar panels. The performance of PV cells can be plotted in P-V and I-V curve relation.Solar cell efficiency table:It calculated in two conditions like with shading and without shading condition for five each of shading effect. These experimental results are mentioned below Graph:Below graph is to clarify the relationship between current vs voltage and area of shading vs power output Formula use:P(max)= V (max) × I (max)? =P(max) / (A×G)Where, ?=Efficiency.G=Solar irradiance.A=Arrays space.Conclusion:Analysis of the changes in the parameter of Photovoltaic (PV) solar cell such as voltage, current and P(max) due to different values of shading area like the open circuit (OC) decrease when shading area increase and the short circuit(SC) decrease for the value of shading area increase. And also solar energy power is decreased when shading area increase.so, the depending on different shading area, it reflects the relationship between p max and I-V characteristics.

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