study the effects of different flow parameters like magnetic parameter M,
thermal radiation parameter Ra, Prandtl number Pr, Schmidt number Sc,
Expediting parameter F, Dufour number Dr, viscous dissipation parameter Ec,
Chemical reaction parameter Kr, Heat source parameter   and time t on the flow field, the numerical
results of the fluid velocity, temperature, concentration, Skin-friction,
Nusselt number and Sherwood number are computed numerically in both the cases
viz. In case of uniformly expedited kinetics of the plate (i.e. n=1), It is revealed
that from Fig. 1 that an incrimination in time leads to elevate in the fluid
velocity. It betokens that there is an enhancement in fluid velocity as time
progresses. The effect of Schmidt number is very consequential in velocity,
temperature and concentration fields. In case of uniformly expedited kinetics
of the plate (i.e. n=1) the effect of the Schmidt number on the velocity,
temperature and concentration profiles are shown in Figs. 2, 15 and  21, respectively. For sundry gases like
hydrogen (SC=0.22), helium (SC=0.30), dihydrogen monoxide vapour (Sc=0.60) and
Carbon dioxide (Sc=0.94). As the Schmidt number increases, the velocity
decreases in Fig. 2. This causes the concentration buoyancy effect to decrement
yielding a reduction in the fluid velocity. Reductions in the velocity and
concentration distributions are accompanied by simultaneous reductions in the
velocity and concentration boundary layers. Fig. 21 shows the concentration
field due to variation in Schmidt number for the gasses hydrogen, helium and
water–vapour Carbon dioxide. It is descried that the concentration of the fluid
decreases as the Schmidt number increases. The concentration falls gradually
and progressively for hydrogen in distinction to other gases. Physically, it is
true since increase of Sc designates decrease of molecular diffusivity, which
results in decrease of concentration boundary layer. Hence, the concentration
of species is more minute for higher values of Sc. However fig. 15 Shows
temperature increases with increases in Sc.

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