The book Lord of the rings: Fellowship of the Ring tells of an epic journey taken by a group of creatures called hobbits. Hobbits who are brilliantly described as “an unobtrusive but very ancient people…. they love peace and quiet and good toiled earth” are not classified as the adventuring type although Bilbo Baggins changed the history of the hobbit nation by embarking on his debut adventure in The hobbit another of Tolkien’s books. On this adventure he finds the master ring created by the dark lord, this ring is the “One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

” After Bilbo’s eleventy first birthday party where he mysteriously vanishes with the aid of the ring before leaving to move away Gandalf the grey a powerful wizard promises to look after Frodo and to give him the ring after, persuading Bilbo to actually give the ring away. Later the black riders are seen scouring the shire in middle earth (where the hobbits and the one ring are situated in the hope to salvage the ring and bring it back to Sauron the great who is the dark lord. Gandalf helps Frodo plan his escape and adventure to save the ring from the black riders who are the nine mortal men who were doomed to die.

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Gandalf finds Frodo a companion after discovering that Sam another hobbit who was apparently gardening. Later the two of them set on there journey to leave the shire when on there way they are met by two more hobbits Pippin and Merry. Together they travel onwards to Bucklebury where they are organised to stay. They rest for a while at Frodo’s new house although this too is attacked by the black riders and again are urged to move on. They pass through the old forest where they are attacked by the weeping willow but are saved by “the master of the wood water and hill” Tom Bombadil.

They stay at his home for some days. They leave and take a perilous journey over the barrow downs which are ancient burials here the black riders once again pass. They next rest at an inn called the prancing pony where Frodo draws unwanted attention to him by using the ring in order to cure embarrassment here he meets strider also called Aragon who is the original descendant from the finder of the ring. The hobbits are told to trust strider and he takes them to his room where once again they escape from the black riders who attack the hobbit hole they were destined too stay in.

Strider then takes them on a journey to Lorien but on the way Frodo is knifed in the dark by on of the black riders he is rushed to the elves for recovery as his condition was critical. After Frodo’s attack on the weather top hill where a sign was meant to have been left by Gandalf although he had been captured by Saramon the white who had crossed sides to the evil. Then the fellowship was created in the council of Elrond where the decision was made to attempt to destruct the one ring, by taking it to the mountain of fire in Mordor where the ring could be unmade, the fellowship was told to protect the ring until it was destroyed.

The fellowship consisted of “Aragorn, and Bodmir son of the lord Gondor, representing men; Legolas son of the Elvin king of Mirkwood, for the elves, Gimli son of Gloin of the lonely mountain for the dwarves and Frodo, his servant Samwise and his two young kinsmen Meriadoc and Periguin for the hobbits and Gandalf the Grey” On there way they meet various troubles such as those in Mines of Moria where the powers of evil overcome them when they try another way past the snow mountain Caradhas. Here Gandalf has to battle with an evil sprit of the underworld.

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