At tonight’s seminar we had the chance to meet Ed and Anthony who are attorneys. Anthony really helped me discover that the medical field is a career choice where mistakes can be made very easily and every little action taken is important. Even though he isn’t a doctor, he taught me that to work in this field takes a lot of patience and tolerance, just by witnessing cases everyday. He taught me that it is not only a difficult job for medical workers, but for lawyers as well.

It is hard for the medical workers because they can make mistakes very easily or be accused for things that never happened which can lead to lots of trouble very fast. Also, it is hard for the lawyers because it is their job to prove to the jury and judge that the medical worker is innocent, and figure out how to show evidence to make his point. I learned that people sue workers for the most ridiculous things, but it is our duty to do our best and defend ourselves and be as safe as we can to not make any mistakes as we work.

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I learned that the medical records and documentation are a very important aspect of any medical career. Documentation is not only for legal and financial purposes, but to help give patients the best care because they are not necessarily going to be given the same doctor throughout their entire stay. I learned that a good worker takes descriptive, accurate, organized, complete and current notes. It is very crucial to put as much detail in the records as well to describe in depth what is being observed, not your own opinion.

Timing and dating each document is very important as well. I am really glad that theses men and also Mary Sue and Michelle stressed how big this part of the job really is. Although it may be boring and annoying, it is very necessary and helps to keep patients charts up to date and accurate so the doctors can provide the best treatments they can. I didn’t know until tonight about how many cases there is every day in this field. Ed and Anthony’s jobs sounded very interesting and I liked the idea of having to prove points to people and help win cases.

It seemed like there wasn’t as much schooling for this job as a doctor, and I think if I wanted to pursue this career I would want to with medical cases all the time, so I can have a job I love and still help people. This course keeps on getting better and better each week and it is really helping me grow to see what I want for the future. The ambitions I had from the beginning are changing and I am glad I have the chance now to see what I really want to be in life.

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