Dracula is a creation of the wonders of the supernatural sensationalism. The supernatural refers to Gothic genre. Dracula describes the un dead taking forms of animals to get close to victims. The victims are attacked when Dracula reappears as himself. Dracula attacks his victims at the throat and drains the blood from their body, in doing this he is adding to his army of un dead. The story is set around Dracula’s castle in the middle of cliffs in Transylvania and the castle is on its own.

Most of the scenes are at night when Dracula is seen as alive. The story was written in 1897 and was probably the most famous story written by Bram Stoker. Dracula is an epistolary novel. As Jonathan Harker, a young man taking any opportunity that arises to make money for he and his fianci?? e, approaches the castle of Count Dracula to discuss the move that Dracula wants to make, which is to buy an estate in London, he notices the size of Dracula’s castle.

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“I must have been asleep, for certainly if I had been fully awake I must have noticed the approach to such a place” the idea of such an unusual location for such an estate because the castle was cut into the rocks of the cliff, but also he was surprised by the castle suddenly appearing, Jonathan had seemingly talked himself into believing that he was asleep. This is already has created a suspense, but also an eerie feeling because now you wonder what is going to appear next. On arriving the courtyard was in “gloom” giving the sense of a mysterious feeling in the air.

The gloom could be covering something up or to create a longing ness to search around to see if the castle was hiding something. When Jonathan is helped down from the carriage into the courtyard he is in awe because the drivers “prodigious strength”. Jonathan did not expect that sort of strength from a coach driver. Jonathan thinks nothing of it and seems to forget it as quickly as it happened, but is then pushed into suspicion when his “trap” along with the coach driver and horses all “disappear” down one of the arches.

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