Tsunamis, according to Dictonary.com is specifically known as “A long high sea wave caused by Earthquakes, submarine landslide, or other disturbances.” (“Dictonary”)  During the event of a tsunami, thousands of homes are extremely damaged and hundreds of people either go missing, or get killed from mas flooding or drowning.  Tsunamis are usually caused by earthquakes, and after the mas wave hits, it creates a flood in the affected area.  On average, two tsunamis occur throughout the globe every year,  and every fifteen years, a destructive, ocean wide tsunami occurs. On average, a wave of a tsunami is anywhere from 30-100 feet.  This mas wave causes huge impacts on the enviroment around it.  Homes are swept away, power lines are destroyed, hundreds of animals and humans go missing, and trees and crops are demolished.  Most of these factors, unfortunatly, are unable to be reversed.  Towns practically have to be re-built from scratch.  This affects thousands of innocent people, financially and emotionally. To prepare for this disaster, scientist can predict when the wave will hit.  According to National Geographic, “When the ocean is deep tsunamis can travel unnoticed on the surface at speeds up to 500 miles per hour (800 kilometers per hour), crossing the entire ocean in a day or less. Scientists are able to calculate arrival times of tsunamis in different parts of the world based on their knowledge of when the event that generated them occurred, water depths, and distances.” (National Geographic 1).  This means scientist can tell locals about the wave, and people have time to board up windows, buy all the food and water they can, and evacuate immediatly. After the wave, people can return home, only after the area is considered safe. It is advised that people go to shelters and stay away from disaster areas.  After most of the damage is picked up, then locals can return home to patch up damages, or rebuild their lives from scratch. In conclusions, tsunamis are a huge natural disaster that is very damaging to the enviroment and everybody around it.  In order to remain safe, people must evacuate the area as fast as possible, due to such destructive speed and height of the water.  After a tsunami, floods are very common.  The need for medical and financial donations are very strong after this disaster.  Tsunamis are a very impactful natural disaster to those affected by it.

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