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Time management is a very vital still to have in business or
any other work environment. Time management is the method used when organising
and planning ways to divide your time between specific activities at work or
even in your personal life.  Having good
time management skills enables individuals to work smarter without having to
put too much pressure on themselves. Good time management also means that you
can get more done in less time, even when you don’t have even time to things
done and pressures are high, which can cause you to damage your effectiveness
and can also cause unwanted stress. 

Personally, my time management skill is very good. This
because I have different approaches to the way I manage my time. For example, I
prioritise important tasks that I need to accomplish in order that that make
sense. An example would be when I have 2 or more assessments to hand in, I
would make sure that the tasks that are due first would have to be done in
advance to the due date and give myself enough time to get all the tasks done
to an exceptional quality. There are a lot of factors that I take into
consideration when prioritising tasks and they include when each task needs to
be fulfilled, how difficult it is or how long it will take to complete the

Scheduling a technique that I use to help me manage my time
more successfully. Scheduling is important to me because it give me a to do
list and keeps me stress free. My schedule includes work related tasks, university
and personal time. By implementing schedule into my daily routine, I was able
to remember everything I have get done and get some time to myself and relax.

To support the fact, I have good time management still I have
taking an online time management still test on this website https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newHTE_88.htm
the result suggests that my time management skill is 57 which is quite good. Which
means that I am managing my time effectively and efficiently.

Time management is extremely critical for every individual
at any work place to have. One of the main reason I believe time management is
essential is the fact that you can achieve more with less effort. When you take
control over your time and put a schedule together you are about to stay
focused and therefore perform well and focus on the task at hand more than you
would when you’re just improvising with what you do time with the time you
have. This also means that with time management you are less likely to lose
momentum which leads to higher efficiency. With time management decisions
making is made easy since when you implement good time management you would
have more time to breath and this allows you
to establish which decisions are appropriate to make. Rushing decisions because
your feel pressed for time can lead to making jump to conclusions and make very
poor decisions.

It can also help you be more successful. Time management is crucial to success; it lets you
to take control of your life and get things done. You accomplish more in less
time, you make better decisions, and you work faster. In addition, time
management can also help you with producing high quality work, by implement
time management in your daily routine you are able to have more done in a
shorter period leading to more free time. This is important because when your
have free time to your self you unwind and become stress free and this can lead
to producing good quality work when required to do so or even to a more
successful life. Time management also creates discipline, which means there
will be a consistency in everything you do.



Team work team work is when a group of people collectively
come together to accomplish an aim or a goal.  Teamwork is very essential skill for people to
have specially in business or many other work places. This is because staff
members are required to work well together and contribute her ideas to achieve
an aim. Team work is also required at educational institutes such as schools,
colleges and universities. An example could be working with other student
members to put together presentation and presenting it to the class. In general
team is when a group of people come together and collaborate their ideas whilst
using their personal skills and delivering constructive criticism, despite any
personal issues between the members of the team.

In my opinion, team work is one of the main skills that I
have.  When working as part of a team, I
encourage members of the team to get involve and contribute their ideas, be
honest with everyone, give them benefit of the doubt and avoid having problems
with other members of the team. During the summer I took part in a charity fund
raising at work. In total there was five members and each of us had a different
role. To organise a successful funding raising even we met up as a team on a
regular basis to discuss everyone’s ideas and ways of getting people to spend
their money for a good course. I was given the task of organising the products
we were going to sell and making sure that we had enough things to sell so that
we could raise enough money. Even though individuals had specific task to perform,
no one was left struggling on their own. Personally, I tried to help every
member of the team when they needed it. Over the event was quite successful,
due to the fact everyone listened and supported each other which we all

Teamwork is a very important skill to have. The reason being
the fact that it gives people the opportunity to become more familiar with each
other and learn how to work well as part of a team. There are also many other
reason as to why teamwork is important. One vital reason is that it increases
the success of the project/task by using each member’s strengths. In a team you
are also required to support each other so that everyone gets the task done to
the best of their ability without constraints which may stop individuals from
doing their role. In addition, in a team there is less hierarchy, which means
that team members are more likely to be comfortable.



Being assertive is a
core communication skill and is required in business or any other work place. Being
assertive is when an individual conveys their point of view
successfully and at the same time regarding the right and view of others
without being too aggressive. An assertive person can also be considered
confident. This is because when people are not assertive they can suffer from a
lot of problems such as low self-esteem and having confidence to an acceptable
level is vital in all aspects of life and to accomplish your personal aims and
goals. Therefore, it is essential for a person to be assertive. Assertiveness
means being confident in stating a position or claim or personal rights and
expressing thoughts in a way that does not come off as being aggressive.

I personally believe
that I possess this quality. This is because I never feel shy when it comes to
expressing my feeling, thoughts and ideas rather its at work, place university
or in my personal life and without offending others. I’m also trustworthy,
honest and self-confident. Even though I do allow people to have an input I
mostly make my own choice and what I feel like is the right thing to do. Being
assertive is extremely important to me because it strength how I feel about
myself and increases myself confidence. One thing other I’ve to be more
assertive rather than aggressive when interacting with people is that being
assertive helps to have honest and open relationships with other people. To
support this, I have taken several personality trait tests one of them being
the Myers Briggs test. As shown in this image my assertiveness is at 89% which
is relatively high. Another test that support this evidence is in this link
below. The results on this shows that my assertiveness is 72% which is very
close to the figure shown above. This evidence suggests that I am not the type
of person to contemplate to address the problems that relate to me and it also
suggest that I can express myself
quite freely, asserting my personal rights reasonably.


Overall being
assertive is one my most essential skills that I possess. Most of my friends
and family will agree with the fact that I am very assertive. This is because
they know that I am very understandable person and is willing to give everyone
a faire chance. However, when it comes to expressing myself and my thoughts I
make sure that this is done without coming off as being aggressive or too
disrespectful. I personally believe that this is an important quality to have
because it can help individuals to control their anger or stress and can be
used as a coping method.


Negotiations is the
process of settling differences with people. I personally believe that this is
a quality that I have. This is because I have previously worked an estate agency
for couple of week for work experience and one of the main thing I was expected
to learn was how to negotiate with people and convince them to agree with me
whilst being polite and not too arrogant. An important reason as to why I believe
I have good negotiation skill is that I always analyse and assess the person I am
negotiating with, so that I get an idea of how to approach them with my
negotiating. This means that I respond to and negotiate in the way best suited
to them.  This is very essential people are
more likely to agree with you when you speak to them the way they expect.

Overall, negotiation
skill is very vital skill to have. one of the main reason is that negotiating
is one of the easiest ways to resolve a situation or disagreements, as it only
involves person with interest. therefore, they can come to a decision that
suits both of their interests. negotiation also delivers a means of coming at a
reasonable or satisfactory arrangement that meets the needs of both parties involved
without too much misunderstandings. It is the foundation of trade; for example,
a person selling a car for £1250 can negotiate with their customer to be bring
down the price £50 or maybe more depending on how much they can both agree on. Negotiation
can also be used in your personal life and with people like I always do. By negotiating
with my friends and family, I’m able to create friendly relations. in general negotiation
can be you by people a work as well as by people with differing opinions, so
that they can find a middle ground and resolve any issue that may have occurred
with having to resort to violence or shouting and yelling at each other.


Summary and action

There both negative and positive side to possessing the
skills above. For having good time management skill is good because it keeps my
stress level low, provides focus on the task at hand and helps to not
procrastinate. Even though having good time management skill is very important,
it can sometime lead too being put off and demotivated, because you might think
you have too much to do and not enough time for yourself. Certain people like
myself, would sometimes find it difficult to stick to a schedule this is
because when I’m tired or not had enough sleep I tend to not put in my best
effort. Being assertive also had its pros and cons. Being assertive can sometime
come off as being aggressive to certain people because the individual might be
perceived as being over confident with the way they speak and can seen as
someone who things they know more than everyone. In teams, there are sometimes
some disagreements between team members and if there are strong minded
individual in the group will be will difficult to resort to a solution and
therefore it would be much easier to work individually.

One area of development is to try to not be too forceful
with my ideas and realise that I don’t always have to be right. This is also
means that when trying to put across my thoughts and ideas I should try and
speak softly and politely. So that people can feel more comfortable with me and
to encourage them to realise that I’m just being assertive. Another way I could
improve this would be to give other people to express themselves and make sure
that I am not being mistaken for being arrogant or insensitive.

Another area of development is to improve my schedule by
making sure everything is order of importance and making to stick to specially
for year two of my course. This particularly essential to me because year two
is going to be much harder than first year. This means that I am required to
delegate more time to my university work to achieve the highest possible grade I
can achieve.  By improving my schedule
and delegate more time for university. I’m more likely to perform well.

I also need to improve realising when working as a team I don’t
always have to support other. I need understand that individuals can do things themselves
without being assisted all the time. On some occasions I can sometime be perceived
as being argumentative when working as part of a team and some individuals are not
focusing on the task. Even though this is not something that happens very often,
I still need to improve on this side of my team working skill by trying to not
allow people to get under my skin and just focus on what I am required to do.

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