Growth of agriculture, sedentary life-style, and greater possibilities of surplus generation increased the demand for energy. At one level the demand for energy was met by utilising the draught power of animals and on the other hand it increased the demand for fuel- wood. Both the situations demanded greater utilisation of forest resources, as fuel-wood and as fodder.

The dry leaves from the forest were used as manure for agriculture. As far as food was concerned, with the growth of agriculture, forest products were ascribed secondary position as discussed above. However, forests remained sole supplier of numerous ancillary products.

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Another essential requirement was that of wax for candles which could be procured only from the forests. Similarly forest gave gum, resin, lac, honey, rubber and querns which were used by humans in many day to day activities.

Wood was one forest product that was extensively used as raw material for housing, furniture, agricultural tools, musical instruments, and numerous other handicrafts. The necessity of wood was greater in the absence of technological support otherwise heavy materials like stone or brick could be used for raising the roofs of the building/house in a cost effective manner.

Similarly, wood was extensively used to provide beam for the construction of windows, doors and other openings. Wood was also required for construction of bridges, carts, and chariots. Most of the tools used in the agriculture sector were made of wood. Good quality wood was required for the preparation of plough and other materials.

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