iii. Tightening the loose nuts; and

iv. Decibel metres should be installed along highways and in factories to check and control the intensity of noise pollution.

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2. In the Path:

i. A green-belt effectively reduces the noise;

ii. A 20 foot wide plantation inside the compound protects the house from the noise of vehicular traffic;

iii. Noise making machine should be kept in containers with sound absorbing media;

iv. Use of sound absorbing silencers; and

v. Through laws.

3. At the Receivers End:

If by the above methods we are not able to bring down the noise level up to required level the only alternative is to provide ear plugs while working or moving in a noisy area.


Environmental noise regulations usually specify a maximum outdoor noise level of 60 to 65 dB (A), while occupational safety organizations recommend that the maximum exposure to noise is 40 hours per week at 85 to 90 dB(A).

For every additional 3 dB (A), the maximum exposure time is reduced by a factor 2, e.g., 20 hours per week at 88 dB (A). Sometimes, a factor of two per additional 5 dB (A) is used. However, these occupational regulations are acknowledged by the health literature as inadequate to protect against hearing loss and other health effects.

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