3. Plato’s plea for censorship of artistic and poetic works is highly objectionable. Art and literature can never flourish under state censorship. It has inherent danger of totalitarianism.

4. Plato’s scheme of education is far removed from reality. It can only create academic theorists who are incapable of dealing with the hard realities of life.

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5. There is no relationship between one stage and the other stage. During first stage, he insists on study of music and gymnastics which are hardly capable of developing thinking capacities among the youngsters. The second stage implies use of reasoning abilities.

It is difficult to understand how the recipients who have not developed thinking capacities during first stage shall be able to adjust in second stage.

6. There is no provision imparting education in the art of administration. The philosopher king trained in music, gymnastics and dialectics may not be able to deal with real problems of administration in day to day life.

7. Plato’s uniform pattern of education is contrary to human psychology. He makes no provision for technical and vocational education. Such a scheme is tantamount to the notion of diversity and growth that enriches a society.

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