Vamsi Krishna Sayarwar


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Till date, whatever I have achieved in life has been through unwavering hard work and I strongly believe in the adage that “Hard work is the secret of Success and there is no substitute for it”. Passion, when added with hard work produce fruitful results and a person can achieve anything he desires. To enable you to evaluate my passion and thirst for the knowledge, I furnish this document describing my professional background and career objectives that motivated me to pursue MMSc. Management of Technology and Data Analytics.


Presenting a rundown of my work life, I feel proud to be a part of a Multinational Organisation which bestowed me with pragmatic knowledge on computing technology. During my training program, I had successfully developed an telecom application which analyses the usage patterns of the customers and provides user with the best applicable plans thus increasing customer satisfaction index. Having such real-life application, our project was selected as “The Top 5 Best Projects” of my batch. After Which, I have extensively worked on data inspection, analysis, modeling, ETL This process gave me deeper insight into data and peaked my interest in data analysis. For all my efforts, I was consistently appreciated by my peers and senior management. I also won on spot award for “Automation of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) time breach”.


Due to the digital revolution, humongous amount of data is being generated in all the enterprises. To be able to tackle such a huge volume & wide variety of data, I need to scale up my competency in advance data analytic techniques. My interest in this field pushed me to take up fundamental courses in SciPy, R, Python. While those courses helped me to gain Technical knowledge in analytics, they couldn’t provide me a strong business fundamentals which are equally essential. Hence, I feel, this is the appropriate time for me to return to the academic world and continue my learning by pursuing Masters at your prestigious university.


First, I had looked upon for a country where knowledge required to bring all my visions into life can be attained. Being known for its globally recognized degree programs and having plethora of Research & Development going on, Canada is the apt destination for me to perceive Masters and there was no ambiguity in making that decision. When I was looking for academic programs, UW was the only school in Canada with a MMSc in Management of Technology and Data Analytics. The tailored curriculum provided by UW makes it more relevant to the expertise and aspirations I have. I believe that UW can provide me with an environment perfect for directing my mental resources towards thorough education and great industry interaction experience that aids me in achieving my goals.


Furthermore, I would like to complement my current portfolio with data analytics techniques. By

successfully completing the MMSc. Management of Technology and Data Analytics., I would enable the organizations to make more-informed business decisions to optimize business performance. For this to happen I should make myself competent in statistics, Programming, Algorithms and data structures, Machine learning. Once equipped I’ll be able to look for meaningful correlations between various data sets.


By successfully completing the MMSc. Management of Technology and Data Analytics, I would be competent in statistics, Programming, data visualisation would be able to derive meaningful correlations between various data sets.  This would enable me to make more informed decisions to optimize business performance.


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