Vaping has become increasingly popular over the last number of years, thanks in part to the rise in e-cigarettes. This may also be because vaporization reduces exposure to harmful carcinogenic compounds that are released when dry herb is combusted. While not as damaging to your health as smoking tobacco, smoking in any case has less than desirable consequences for one’s lungs. Another reason to vape rather than smoke is combustion. This usually occurs in dry herb at around 200 degrees Fahrenheit and has been one of the factors linked to the development of respiratory problems.For this reason, setting the correct temperature is key for releasing different active agents in dry herb. Different temperatures produce different effects and thus thus different vaping experiences. At 315 degrees fahrenheit, THC is released causing you to relax and feel euphoric. While between 320 and 356 degrees Fahrenheit CBD, the chemical most commonly sought by medical marijuana users, is released. This stops you from feeling paranoid or anxious. At 347 degrees Fahrenheit Delta-8 THC is released which is similar to THC but not as psychoactive. If you’re new to the vaping world hopefully this will give you some idea of what experiences on offer but it’s always worth investigating a little further to maximise your experience.In the vaporizers below you will see that many of them are equipped with a range advanced temperature settings and that give the user the optimum experience. So what are the healthiest vapes to use?Pax 3The Pax 3 Vaporizer is perfect for veteran vapers and newbies alike. Suitable for vaping both herb or concentrates on the go it has a heating time of only 15 seconds that’s a good deal faster than the previous Pax models. There are 4 temperature settings which can be adjusted easily, depending on what mood you’re in. This can be done using the buttons on the vaporizer or for maximum control simply connect over bluetooth and control it using your chosen device. The Pax 3 also uses a convection heating system which makes for a thicker and more flavourful vapor and comes with a 10 year warranty. It also comes with an extra Half-Pack Oven lid. This is an interesting little feature, it’s a lid slightly bigger than a regular oven lid. This allows users to half fill their chamber but and still place pressure on the herb producing a quality vapor.The DaVinci IQOver the last several years DaVinci have produced quality vaporizers and the IQ is no exception. The mouthpiece and chamber are 100% ceramic zirconia which provides the user with the purest taste experience possible. The IQ is small and discrete with a replaceable 18650 battery with a battery life of up to 90 minutes that can be changed easily. The IQ comes with 4 preassigned temperature options and comes with three different modes for you to create your own personal vaping experience. It also has an app which enables users to fiddle around with temperatures to get their to get things exactly how they want.The Volcano DigitThe Volcano Digit is a high performance desktop convection vaporizer and is what many consider to be the best of the best. The Digit is made from stainless steel and takes around three minutes to heat to a desired temperature. It can be used with a choice of valve systems, easy or solid. The easy valve system is optimal because it requires zero cleaning or maintenance on the user’s part but the downside is there is only one balloon set up option. While the solid valve allows for a range of larger or smaller balloon sizes. The oven allows for a maximum of 0.75 grams of herb to be vaporized.The Linx Hypnos The Linx Hypnos is a sleek concentrate vape that at 10cm long is the epitome of discretion. The stainless steel vape pen comes with two glass mouthpieces and a rechargeable battery that when fully charged lasts for 30 minutes of constant use. More than enough for most vape users. Not bad for something so small. Naturally the chamber isn’t able to hold as much herb as some other models but even still the Linx Hypnos is good for between ten and twenty draws before being needed to be refilled. The Hypnos also does not use coils or discs but instead heats the chamber from below which means your material can be heated to create a pure and clean vaping experience.Black MambaDespite being the cheapest vaporizer on the list the Black Mamba is no less a quality product. It provides a quality vaping experience for an affordable price. This reliable conduction vape can be heated in just 20 seconds and has 5 optional temperature settings ranging between 356 and 428 degrees Fahrenheit which are indicated with the LED’s on the sides. The Black Mamba has a cool, slick design and a ceramic chamber that has a storage capacity of 0.65 grams. It also comes with two glass mouthpieces which coupled with the ceramic chamber create an optimum vapor path.

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