As we begin to study the first experiences of his life, we find the Creature to be primarily rejected by Victor Frankenstein: his ‘father’ and ‘creator.’ Frankenstein is essentially the Daemon’s god: “Accursed creator! Why did you form a monster so hideous that even you turned from me in disgust? God, in pity made man beautiful and alluring, after his own image; but my form is a filthy type of yours.” The creature is isolated by his behaviour. He is alone in the world and lives like primitive man. He eats berries from the trees and seeks shelter from trees and caves, and other natural forms.

He later realises that the embers he discovers produce fire, which in turn provides him with the three necessities of life: light, heat and food. It is essential for the sustenance of life on earth. Before this discovery, the daemon was isolated by his means of living and his primitive behaviour. He was uneducated, and not well enough informed of ‘new’ techniques that improve the standard of living. The Creature has no one to help him or to explain new concepts and discoveries; he doesn’t have a parental figure for guidance.

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In my view, the fact that the creature’s god and father deserted him makes it inevitable that he turns to malignity. As man turns from God, he becomes roguish and destructive, disobeying the fundamental laws. However, the daemon has never been acquainted with his god, and is not taught how to behave in the first place; therefore he has no guidelines to follow – no father to imitate. Frankenstein’s Creation, though benevolent at heart – through no influence of his creator – becomes revengeful.

The Daemon is unable to cope with the sadness of solitude so he sets out to find his creator and to beg him to end his suffering by giving him a companion. When his creator refuses, unable to deal with the permanence of his isolation and misery after his only hope is destroyed, he turns his rage on Frankenstein and vows to get revenge on the creator of his misery. He also lashes out and destroys the only people he has ever cared for because they do not return his affection – they turn him away with disgust: “When I reflected that they had spurned and deserted me, anger returned, a rage of anger.”

And where is the one who made this all-important scientific discovery? Frankenstein is liable for his own downfall. He gave up all responsibility after accomplishing his undertaking. As ideas such as the principle of life were arising at the time, Shelley is voicing a remarkable argument: Because technology was fast approaching before humans had developed enough to know how use it, it was extremely worrying that any faith or religion which survives the mechanization of the world, as well as any laws at the time, provided no moral code for science.

I believe that it is in the account of the Daemon’s solitude that Shelley portrays the true meaning of Frankenstein’s statement: that in a “scientific pursuit there is continual food for discovery and wonder.” The Creature is innocent, and does not wish to discover anything more than is to be expected of a ‘normal’ being. He wishes to pursue the knowledge of emotional communication that will provide him with friends to love and who will love him.

He does not long for science that will improve his situation in society or make him glorious and famous, unlike Walton and Frankenstein. It is ironic that both Walton and Frankenstein fail in their final ambitions. Walton does not make it to the North Pole, and Frankenstein does not destroy the Daemon. As a whole, the novel left me with the impression that ‘with great knowledge comes great responsibility,’ and that it is doubtful that there is anyone who can succeed who has ideal morals and is selfless. It is a frightening prospect that “scientific pursuit” could get into the wrong hands. It is also remarkable that the Daemon is the last character in the novel to speak – his is the view that we are left with – the lasting impression.

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