Born in Geneva, Victor Frankenstein was mainly brought up by his Mother as his father was away often. Victor adored his mother and father; Victor had everything he wanted, a Mother, Father, good home but a well disciplined up bringing. His mother and Father adopted a small girl whom they called Elizabeth. Victor took it upon him self to look after her, “Mine-mine to protect, love and cherish. ” In school Victor was not bothered about languages or politics. He wanted to find out what made the world tick, “the secrets of Heaven and Earth. ”

He had to teach himself his favourite subjects because the school he went to did not teach the subjects he wanted to learn. He was alone doing his experiment and had no one to guide him. His aim in life was to banish disease and stop all death but a violent one. When he was only 17 his mother died after nursing Elizabeth back to health after she had caught scarlet fever. Victor’s mother’s dying wish was for Elizabeth to look after the children and for her to be wed to victor. After leaving for university his second teacher was an inspiration to him, His teacher told him to follow his dreams.

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That was it, He decided to follow his dreams and proceeded to create his being. He hoped his creation “would bless me as its creator and source,” Victor hoped it would see him as his master and thank him for bringing him back to life. He wanted to “pioneer a new way, explore unknown powers and unfold to the world the deepest mysteries of creation. ” He forced Him self to spend days going through family body vaults and charnel houses. He collected the body parts and took them to His laboratory where He would piece together the limbs and other scavenged body parts that He had acquired.

At this present moment in time, Victor Frankenstein does not seem to be a bad person; he wants to stop every means of death, apart from a violent one. He would also like to bring back people from the dead. It seems like a good thing to do, apart from he has not thought about the consequences. He has set his hopes to high thinking that he can bring back people from the dead. He does not know what he is getting him self in to. He is setting off in the venture of trying to reanimate life. After creating the new being, Victor was very emotional, He was unhappy and certainly not proud of it, he was horrified.

He described it as “a catastrophe. ” He was very nai?? ve about the looks of the creature, He hoped it would have extraordinary looks. It did have “hair of a lustrous black, and flowing, teeth of pearly whiteness, but it had yellow skin that hardly covered his body and it had watery puffy eyes, straight black lips, it was mummy like. Victor was terrified of his creation. He left it alone and locked it in His laboratory. Victor left to think about what had happened. He decided to return to His laboratory. He met His friend called Clerval, they both entered Victor’s lab, Clerval did not know about the goings on of Victor.

Victor checked out His lab, the creature had gone. Victor ran down to Clerval after His discovery, he jumped for joy and clapped His hands. Victor had no worries or cares about what might happen to it or the people around it. Victor Frankenstein’s creation was child like, it did not know right from wrong, how to walk, read, write and speak: it had to learn every thing all over again. The creature hid from the town dwellers in His birth town after they tried to beat Him because he was different from them. He ran of into the wood and lived of the things he could find.

When he was walking through the woods he came to a clearing where a small wooden hut was situated. A family inhabited the small dwelling where they worked off the small amount of land that came with the cottage they rented. At the beginning of the winter months, the family was finding it hard to find suitable food to eat. Unknown to them, Victor’s creation was eating their food. They had an extra mouth to feed with the small amount of food they had for them selves. The creature started to see how they were struggling to feed them selves. He then ceased to eat their diminishing food supplies.

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