He is described as ‘a loving father, who is popular with every one whom he meets’. He is an opium addict, as is shown in ‘the man with the twisted lip’ on page 32, this page talks about his wife spotting him in the opium den just before his disappearance. It shows on page 45 that he is a very well educated man; ‘my father was a schoolmaster in Chester field, where I received and excellent education’. His character is a once an actor and is skilled at the art of make up and disguise, ‘I traveled in my youth…. , ‘, ‘when an actor I had, of course, learned all the secrets of make up’ this is shown on page 46.

Hugh Boone Hugh Boone is another character from ‘the man with the twisted lip’. He is a professional beggar in the story, he is well known locally for this, page 36 demonstrates this with the text; ‘he had for years been known as a professional beggar’ . he also is addicted to opium. Because of his begging, he earns quite enough money to find a lodging in the opium den. He is suspected for the murder of Neville St Clare. When the disappearance of St Clare is described on page 34 it describes St Clare’s coat pockets ‘full of pennies and half pennies’, this was to ensure its sinking into the Thames.

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This shows me that Boone must have enough money to be able to comfortably throw large amounts of it away. This shows that although a beggar, he is good enough at it to earn sufficient funds for himself. Helen Stoner Helen Stoner is a character in story ‘The speckled Band’ She is the stepdaughter of Dr Roylott, who I will write about in a minute. Helen Stoner is a wealthy young woman, she lives in a large manor house with her stepfather. she has come to Holmes about the death of her sister. Many things can be told about her from the first scene of her appearance.

She is said to be wearing a black dress and veil, this shows her wealth and also that she is still in morning for her sister. She travels by horse and carriage to Holmes’ residence, she does this at early hours of the morning, showing that she feels safe doing this and that it is acceptable for her to do so. this is shown on page 50 in her first encounter with Holmes and Watson. In this first encounter, it also quotes that ‘her face is drawn and gray’ and that ‘she has restless eyes’ this shows the hour t which she awoke must have been early and that she e has something bothering her.

Her wealth is shown in a few different ways, by her residence, and by her connections with respected people. The text on page 51 shows that she knows Mrs. Farintosh, it then goes on to say that Mrs. Farintosh owns an opal Tiara, Tiaras are usually worn at balls and important events, this shows that she is a respected member of the community. Later in the story, it goes on to say about her stepfather beating her. this shows that she may be insecure and this could be what she is worried about. She tells Holmes that she can pay him but only within the next two weeks, this is because of her marriage.

This is because in Victorian England, once a woman became married all of her possessions became her husbands. Dr Roylott Dr Roylott is the stepfather of Helen Stoner. He lives in a manor house, which suggests that he is wealthy, the text says that he is a farmer, yet he wears a tailcoat, this shows that he is professional and wants to give off a good impression. His temper is very short, in one part of the story he threatens Holmes because of his daughter, he follows his daughter to Holmes’ residence because he does not trust her, this suggests that he has something to hide.

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