Virtual RealityVirtual reality, otherwise known as VR, has had huge impact on computing innovation and it is  one of the leading technology of the fourth industrial revolution. Shown in the computational artifact, VR has a variety of different uses. Originally, it was created for people who wants to live in the imaginary world and second life. Nowadays, it is used for entertainment. The artifact illustrates the functions of virtual reality and how virtual reality works.I created my artifact on Microsoft powerpoint to make it simple and effective. First, I searched how virtual reality works, and found several images that illustrate numerous functions of virtual reality. Then, I placed those images and informations neatly on the slides. Also I cropped many of them to make them look accordingly. Additionally, I inserted and searched for the information, and put the titles in the tile boxes on top of them. With some final arrangement, I finished my artifact. However, It was in a powerpoint document, so I saved it as a ppt format. Since VR innovation has many potential uses, there are numerous different harmful and beneficial effects described in CNET, CNBC, and Live Tiles. When looking at VR’s ability to work without having to travel, this could be a huge benefit to not only organization but also society. It can save organization’s time and money, and make work more convenient. For example, architects from the opposite side of Earth, can use VR to evaluate design. Another VR function is gaming. People all over the world love to play games. VR lets people play games in the real world. For example, Minecraft is the game where you are allowed to build your own world in a virtual setting, but you can not experience your virtual world as if you were really in it. However if you use VR, you can build and experience your own world in Minecraft. There are also harmful effects. First, it can causes dizziness and sickness every time, if you are not used to using VR. Second, you can not care about your surroundings, including your family and friends. VR has motion-sensing equipment and it involves standing, ducking, swinging your arms, and even briefly walking. Because of this system, you can hurt your family and friends or you can hurt yourself. Third, you are very closely watching the screen all the time. The optometrist says that VR is not good for your eyes. While VR probably has a lot of beneficial effects, there are definitely some major harmful effects.According to Jessica Hullinger in THE WEEK, a tech company invested in VR platforms to help train sport teams. Using these tech, football players are using VR to train. The results are quite amazing. After using the VR, the player were completing 10 percent more passes and the team boosted its average game score from 24 to 38. Another VR innovation is rehabilitating stroke patients. Researchers from Spain study virtual reality to help pilots. They are using a Microsoft Kinect Sensor to help patients control virtual bodies by themselves. The virtual body actually helped the patients. VR experience made patients use a weaker arm. Another VR innovation helped public speakers prepare to give speeches. According to one Gallup poll, 40 percent of Americans are afraid to speak in the public. Some people are using VR programming to help train their nerves and reduce their stage fright. Yet another innovation is helping to train police. According Mike Floorwalker in LISTVERSE, police and military are using VR to train. They use VR military training simulators to train officers to avoid using deadly force. It helps officer’s reactions. There are a lot of innovations, but if you using this innovation requires having the right programs. Those programs can be saved in separate devices or saved in VR. Programmers are trying to innovate using VR. There are a lot of innovation in VR. and I can say that VR is innovation itself. It changes our lives to become more comfortable and easy.

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