Walamrt is the American based multinational
retail corporation that is doing business of chain store, grocery stores, discount
department stores, hypermarkets. Company is founded by the Mr Sam Walton in
1962 and it’s headquarter is situated in the Bentoville, Arkansas, USA.  It is America’s largest retailer chain and
according to the annual report company company is serving 260 Million Customers
weekly in  their 11,695 stores situated
in 28 countries with 63 different names like its name in USA is walmart but it
is ASDA in United Kingdom, Seiyu Group in Japan and Walmart de mexico y
Centroamerica in Mexico. Company total revenue is $482.87 Billion, total net
income $13.64 Billion, total assets $198.82 and the company total equity is
$77.798 Billion.1

Vision Statment:

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The vision of Global Ethics is to promote
ownership of Walmart’s ethical culture to all stakeholders globally.

Mission Statement:

Saving people money so they can live

The reason to chose Walmart is that it is
the world largest retail corporation with the 75 years of experience in this
field so it is an opportunity to study and analyze the walmart that how the
company does work ethically and what the ethical theory walmart is using in their
business because walmart is a big company and its decision makes affects not
just on the company but also on the stake holders, society and the environments
as well.  





Walmart Corporate Social Responsibility:

Walmart is the 3rd biggest
employer of the world with having 2.1 million employees and it is contributing
to the economy of the 28 countries of the worlds.

is spending millions and millions of dollars for the betterment of the society and
just in the last Fiscal year 2016 Walmart and its foundation (walmart foundation)
donated more than $1.4 Billion in case and in kinds to the different welfare organisations
and company partners contributed more than 1.25 million hours outside of work
to volunteer reasons.

80% of the students at the towns elementary
schools in Prince George county, Maryland lives at or below the poverty line.
Walmart provides these students with free breakfast.

One in every six Americans struggle with
hunger. Walmart started a programme called feeding America which provides food
to those struggling with hunger.

1 https://corporate.walmart.com/2016grr

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