At first, I was extremely gentle in wiping their little cute noses, however, I realised that I had to be less gentle towards them as the teachers had explained to me that if I was gentle, I would never get my way. Throughout the week I became more confident with children rather than having to play with just one. I got used to dealing with difficult situations such as if there was a fight between two or three over one toy. The children were very energetic; however, when it came to their nap time, they looked like little angels.

Whilst they slept, I snuck out of the room quietly for lunch, sometimes at McDonalds or sometimes at Sainsbury’s from twelve o’clock to one o’clock. By the time I returned, none of the babies were awake so I went into the above two’s room where most of the children were sleeping and the rest were just lying down. I got to know the older children a lot and each time they came up to me to hold my hand and to ask me to read them one of the stacked up books from the book corner.

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When it was story time, everyone crowded around the teacher and listened to her very carefully and pointed at the pictures. There were two girls, Sanjana and Davina, who were fighting over which one would sit on my lap so I thought, before I let any of them down, I should go next door. When I went through to the babies’ room, I saw a few of them awake and I gave them their bottles of milk. There was a sweet little girl called Alika, who always came up to me when she wanted to play.

She had the softest voice, and even though she talked in baby language, I felt as though I could understand every word she was trying to say. At times I had to do the washing up, but mostly I had to tidy up the play areas before nap time, and before I left in the afternoon. Everyday when I got home I complained to my mother that I had a headache because it was a very tiring day for me as I was on my feet a lot. Even though it was an awful lot of work, I managed for the entire week and loved every moment of it.

It was my last day, but not just mine. It was also Alika’s last day, and another girl called Jasmin’s last day as well as a boy called La’mar’s Birthday. He was as sweet as sugar, with lovely green and brown eyes, deep dimples and neatly done hair. We had a normal day until lunch time; the children went to sleep whilst we set out the tables, chairs, plates and cups for the party that was being held for La’mar. Each table had a few bags of crisps, a bowl of Haribo’s and much more sweet food, like Iced Gems.

La’mar’s mother and father came into the nursery and brought a big Bob the Builder cake in for everyone to share. I got to eat some of it and it was one of the best cakes I had ever had. Soon after the plates were cleared away and floor was swept, the music was turned on and the little children started to dance around the room. They looked so adorable, trying to shake their little bums and playing musical bumps. The party ended as quick as lightening and it was already four o’clock. I was so sad to leave the little children as I had such an amazing experience with them there.

I was about to leave and as I said to them that it was my last day, they all gave me a hug and shouted, “Bye! ” At that point, I really felt like saying that I wanted to come back there to work, however, I knew that at the moment I have to concentrate on my studies. Work Experience was a big part of Year Ten for everyone, and I can truly say that I learnt a great deal from it. By working at the hospital, almost everyone told me that I shouldn’t do a science degree as it does not pay off the years of studying you do.

They really opened up my eyes by saying that and now, I have seriously thought about doing baby care when I am older as my profession. Overall, I am glad that I chose the jobs that I did for my Work Experience, as I enjoyed it a lot. Both jobs were extremely different, and I am glad I got those jobs because I knew that I would have got bored of doing the same job for both weeks as many other people did. I think that Work Experience is a major part in a student’s life as it helps them realise the responsibility that would be needed in the future, to have a good job meaning secure future.

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