Waste Management
has been a critical issue in today’s world which demands immediate action and
notice from every nation irrespective of it’s level of advancement. Developing
countries have always looked up to developed countries as impeccable models for
waste management systems. However, a direct juxtaposition of such nations are
difficult to precede with considering the dissimilarity of the country’s
position in global economy as well and the uniqueness in it’s culture. The
objective of the thesis is to provide support, with a set of assessment tools
and procedures, the analysis of current existing methods in solid waste management
comparing Poland and India. It implies the contrast with consideration of many
aspects: engineering and technical issues, environmental impacts, public
awareness and participation. To obtain an all-inclusive overview of the situation as well as the
possibility to estimate the consequence of decisions and choices, a set of
methods and tools is needed. Such comparison will help to analyse the said
country’s performance and as well as the impacts of projects and activities.

Indicators for comparison
will be based on technical zone, environmental control, resource management,
public health and safety, inclusivity of locals, institutional coherence and
government policies.

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GIS will be a foremost tool
to compare the conditions. To identify suitable site as waste disposal ground,
GIS will be implemented depending on multi-criteria analysis such as economic
and commercial criteria, environmental and residential along with slope aspects.
It will also be help to determine and plan for future suitability of
construction of waste sites and identify optimum routes for transportation of
solid waste. The least cost route can be obtained considering Network Theory
which would include relief, distance, land cover land use types, time and
population.  Thus a comparison between
existing route and an efficient route can be established. GIS act as an
important decision support system here.

With regards to Technical Aspect, energy
efficiency, locally controlled, low cost, comprehensive and affordable aspects
are to be concerned.

Environmental aspect can be
compared by LCA methods, which are being integrated into models as decision
support tools which can be an effective tool to comparison of the situation in
both the countries.

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